Duck racing!

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91. Mohammedradwan2003,

I hope if we can randomize bot choices in paper and stone do not remember the name
And same for wolf and goat not sure if we have a third game

92. mehdi-t,

hello all. i want to report a bug about the bots in this game, please fix it. i have a question. why the bots never use die normalizing on themselves? i wanted to know that is this a bug? or it is a rule of the game. thanks a lot. really, this game is great! one of the best games on the playroom!

Latest edition by mehdi-t, Jun 22 2020 20:02:03

93. Lemonade,

Bots never actually used cards on themselves if they can be played on another player too. They will use big die and such because that can only be played on themselves, but die normalizing, helix, etc, they all use on the opponent only. Plus, they appear to spam die normalizing for no good reason, even if the person they use it on already plays with a die 6, or even a smaller one.

94. ElMuchacho,

Hey, great development with this game. It's fun to play with friends and I would like to know if you have another table in the making. The pond is cool, but a halloween theme with some ducks would be cool. Appreciate your time and effort.

95. mehdi-t,

hello all! thanks a lot for creating this great game. i have a question. when new boards will be added to this game? again, thanks a lot!

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