10 years of playroom!

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31. Mastani ,

HBD pr.

32. loba,

Happy birthday playroom! I discovered the playroom 4 months ago, for me it was an amazing discover. I met many friends there and I learnt to play many games. Since I discovered the playroom I've spent many times there and in my experience it was a great way to avoid getting bored during lock down. Thanks for creating this amazing program / platform!

33. RadioPierpaolo,

Thanks playroom for 10 years I met my friends Ilyas, Charizard and Legolas! Yessssssssssssssss

34. phoenix009,

Happy birthday Playroom!

I've made this my virtual home since 2018, and I'm sure I'm not moving out for another few decades.

35. delmar-barry,

The only thing I'm thankful for playroom is my best friend, my sister as I think about her. It was 6 years ago when we first met here and since then, our friendship is even stronger. When nothing holds me here, my thoughts about this friendship always connects me back, because I just can't be thankful enough to give this happiness back. Happy birthday, playroom!

36. green-space,

congratulations playroom.

37. ChrisCornell ,

I've been on this client since 2012 and was introduced to it by some folks on another client. Since then, I have made this my permanent home for playing my favorite games, which allows me to blow off steam after a long day at work. It's fantastic that household name games are uniquely composed on this client in a way that makes them acessible, while maintaining the games' challenge.
Congratulations on ten years of extroardinary excelence! I can't wait to see what another ten years will bring!

38. Qais,

I've been here for 4 years, I have cool friends here, and I love the playroom very much, I install it after installing windows before anything else, Happy birthday to the playroom!

39. Ephyra,

Playroom is the most relaxing place on the Internet, with games, chat and music.... Thanks for that... This message is belated but yeah.

40. Fawaz,

The funny part is that I discovered rs games first,
then I was told about playroom by someone, and I came here but I didn't like it + i didn't know how to control the music and was kinda mess,
then after some time with few friends we learned 1000 miles thats when We started to stay here for a long time.
Then when I learned other games couldn't bear playing any game at all on rs lol.

41. Mohammedradwan2003,

hello all
well, i can not believe it, 5 years i have been playing playroom? wow
i was 11 years old, wow
and some people who were 9 years old were playing playroom, i am surprised, amused and happy
actually i can not say 1 word after what did everyone say here, yes playroom is a good way to play and chat with others
yes playroom is the best way to have friends without drama
yes playroom is the best way that improved my english with skype and tt
playroom is the lonely game i have never deleted from my pc and i install it as a primary program
well, how i knew pr was a bit different
i was on my mother's facebook on a group called, android for blinds, well arabs will know about it
there was a post about pr web client
i became curious and began to check it out
and then i played
and yes i met many people who i knew here in real life, and i can not wait to meat more
well i just must say that my sister was worried at first that playroom is a website that hacks phones, but it did not
i thought myself played with sighted people till i knew that we are all blind
and playroom is the first game i played that introduce me to the gaming community
if i delete all games i can not delete playroom
happy birthday to the best platform in the world
mohammed hossam radwan
from cairo, egypt
i hope if we have playroom for android and ios, willl be so happy, so i can be on it all the while far from web client issues on phone

42. sound2,

10 years? Can't believe it. How time flies when you are having fun. A late happy birthday. Have been using the pr since 2011 someone told me about it on another platform. I'm glad the pr is stil around after all this time. I like chatting the most on here. I hope the pr will stick around for another 10 years.

43. george,

Happy Birthday to our most stable and gretest gaming platform. I've been playing here from 2016 I think, and I met so many great people in this place.
Thank you Aminiel, thank you everyone who contributes to our best gaming platform.

44. metal_phoenyx,

Ten years is a lifetime! I came here in April this year, back after a very long absence. And I realise now how much I missed all these years. It's not only a gaming platform, but above all, a place where people and culture meet, mix, exchange and communicate. I have already made a few wonderful friends, even caught up with someone I hadn't been in touch with for more than 10 years!

To the creators of the Playroom: You made a miracle happen, please keep it alive. I am looking forward to the 50th anniversary, I hope to be still alive by then!

Best wishes for the future!

45. agasoft,

I installed playroom, I think in 2011. It was hardtest time in my life.
This platform helped me to relax, to feel better, less lonely.
I was active, inactive, from time to time.
Just wanted to translate the platform to my language, for our community, but I am disappointed that we need to speak French only to complete this task.
I am localizing softwares for years and always doing so from English language.
Secondthing I like to see is our game Tablic. Yes, you told that its similar to Scopa when I suggested it, but we have many similar games.
In these 10 years, all other things were perfect and I am so happy because I am part of this strong community.
My years past much better, thanks to you.
Happy gaming in next ten years!

46. rida-farooq,

wow. exciting to know, happy birthday PR

47. justin,

happy birthday playroom it's been a year since I have installed playroom on my PC since then I have been coming to this platform very often I've got many friends and got got to know to socialise with other players it's a great platform to be in

48. unolover,

i rilly think that i love playroom it is the bom

49. MissEstrellaVega,

Happy birthday my home!
I was so happy to read all these nice messages and to realize that most of you I know already and you became my huge family. I hope so much that for another 10 years we won't need to wear mascs coming to our most secure, most fun, the loveliest secretful city!
It is hard to put my gratefulness in to the words for all the nice work you creators have done so far.
And I am also so happy that I created so many friendships, learned a lot of new words in different languages, I travelled so many miles in different parts of the world with pr friends, I loved and was loved, and all these other things which each of you can feel I am sure! Stay safe all and thank you for being one of the nicest parts of my life.

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