using earphones and charger at the same time on iphone

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1. QueenTammyTheFirst,

hi everyone, so i have bought myself the new iphone 12, and i want to use my 3.5 earphones with it but also use my charger at the same time.

i was wondering, what is the best splitter for me to get to do this? thanks

2. Fawaz,

Hi, I heard the one from Belkin is good.
you can checkout the reviews on amazon and other places in general if you like to look for other brands.
good luck.

3. Mmarina,

I used to have this one yes, but apparently they discontinued the 3.5 and lightning though, I wanted to buy it last feb and I did not find it in many countries, they have one that has 2 lightning though. Either one you find is good and very durable.

4. QueenTammyTheFirst,

hey, thanks guys, i have got one now

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