application for combining audio files

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1. aki_bg011,

hello, Does anyone know some good program for combining audio files?

2. DarkAlireza,

I use sound forge

3. aki_bg011,

yes, but sound forge is complicated for using? How to do it?

4. magnumHurricane,

I myself prefer something like gold wave, but there are many out there. Depends on personal preffrence, really. Many factors such as the usability, accessibility, and learning curve come into play.

5. phoenix009,

I prefer goldwave as well. According to me, if you want a simple and powerful solution, it's the way to go.

6. Vojvoda,

Commands for cutting, copying, selecting in sound forge is literally the same like in windows explorer, control+m is mixing.

7. Fawaz,

Hi, for such a simple task use goldwave, easier and cheeper, if you have time to learn, try audacity, free but has such a learning curve I hate it.
you can explain exactly what you want to do so people can help you with steps.

8. pilote,


9. sanagui-dj,

hello, i'm not a expert person in my english, but i use reaper.
iff somebody need something you can write to me via Private messaje.

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