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1. Nokomi,

I would like to get into beatmaking. Could someone advise me of software that is accessible and not too complex in its use.

Thank for all

2. The_Frisbee_of_Peace,

Audacity should at least get you started. It's free and accessible. You can produce loads of tones on it with the generate menu or by installing plugins. If you have a midi controler you should be able to play with vsts as well.

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3. JMouse,

If you have a mac, Logic is great for beats. I use that for a lot of stuff. If you're on windows, audacity is not really the best for making beats, but it might work, never tried though but another option you may wanna look into is reaper. I use both logic and reaper for different thinkgs. Logic for all my beats, and reaper for more audio editing and stuff like that.

4. Naday,

Hmm, perhaps reaper? Haven't really tried it but a few friends use it, and it seems to be serving them good.

5. delmar-barry,

Reaper, with a midi controller.

6. Nokomi,

@delmar-barry, is that what you use ? without a midi controler, i wouldn't be able to create my own beat ? The reality is that I am far from knowing the use of this kind of material. I lack knowledge about this. Also, can I import samples in Reaper ? Is there already a pre-existing sample library within the software?

7. James_Ketchup ,

Hi, yeah, I'd suggest reaper. You don't need controlled. I used it for years without one. Actually, most of the time, I don't even use a controller. You can just use your laptop/desktop keys. You also need to find the keymap to make it useable with nvda. You also need the addon or else it will not work.

8. SoyUnRatoncitoDeHelado ,

I love reaper is a very good DAW software. I recommend that.

9. Nokomi,

Yeah, apparently i wouldn't need to have a midi controler. i found a software named Virtual midi keyboard with which you just have to use your keyboard

10. James_Ketchup ,

Yes, that's what I use. It's not really a software, just an option in reaper

11. Nokomi,

ah. Because i downloaded a software called virtual midi keyboard, i didn't know taht reaper possessed his own one. By the way, i watched a video on youtube who explain how to use reaper with a screenreader. The guy talked about Osara and SWS. Do you agree with this ? I mean, Is it still relevant? Do you think i may need some others more extension or an tothers stuff like that ?

12. delmar-barry,

Yeah you can use it without a controller as well, that's what I've been trying to do for months. However, I got pretty tired of recording step by step, because I couldn't play two parts at once due to lack of notes on a single laptop keyboard.

13. James_Ketchup ,

Yes, those are still rellivant. Those are mostly the things that you need to use it efficiently. You can also explore all types of shortcuts if you press f12. It will help you learn all of the sws and native reaper commands. And if you haven't found it yet, the shortcut for the vertual midi keyboard is alt b.

14. crazy_dreamer,

I use garageband because I have an iPhone, then I export the creation and edit it in audacity if necessary. I am one of those people who uses the phone more than the computer.

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