Client 3.0 for windows is now official !

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31. lucas1,

I'm very happy that you'll be moving in a direction where arcade games can be written by other people, and will hopefully be able to contribute with games of my own if that happens.

32. JamesPotter,

Hi there. since I updated the beta everything is strange. if I change for the views it the client sais
$view2, etc.

33. Mmarina,

@JamesPotter that must be because the translation files are corrupted or missing.
You can re-install the client, and better to check the checkbox that says reset all user settings just in case to prevent any bugs resulting from any old configuration settings.
The translation should work fine then.

34. Fawaz,

Hi James.
That is also caused by the missing translation files.
reinstalling the client should fix it.
good luck.

35. Prince_Handsome,

question Have you ever thought of updating the inno setup to the current versions?
I say, because the installer has a pretty old version.

36. Aminiel,


The latest 3.0 installer is compiled with InnoSetup 6.2, it is up to date as far as I know.

However, all previous installers were made with InnoSetup 5.13 or something like that. I completely forgot to update it until very recently for the 3.0 official release.

37. florianionascu7,

Hello, congrats for this update! It's a nice work.

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