Close the english playroom ?

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31. Raki,

The admen’s are now recruiting people to help them mod the playroom.

32. cristina ,

Hi everyone! The best what you could make Aminiel, it is to remove the putting titles to the free tabels as you did with the public chats. Then everything will be ok cause we can kick, ban or even block those people who have not nice behavings. This is my opinion, Thank you!

33. queen-angel ,

I totally agree with imthechampraki and lightning's perspectives. #to tired to write anything else righ now.

34. fleurette,

Having read all the posts in this forum thread, I can understand why the Playroom admins are considering closing the English server, but I hope it won't come to that, even though I realise that finding a solution to this problem is very difficult. Although I speak French and German, and although I hope that my Playroom account would work on servers in other languages, I use the English one all the time, partly because I am English myself, in spite of living in France and having a French-sounding user name, partly because at least some of the friends I play games against on the Playroom only speak English so they would not be able to join me on a server in another language. It's so sad that a small minority of players who use the Playroom in English abuse other players, but is it fair to stop the majority from continuing to play? I don't think so at all, but what should be done about it is another question. I agree with several people who have written in this thread that having more moderators for the English Playroom is a good idea, and I hope the existing admins have some way of recruiting extra moderators. I admit I have never had any abuse myself, probably because I make my games private, only play against bots and people I know, and have never taken part in a free table in the Playroom. Hhowever, I wouldn't expect you to make the server automatically set games to be private, as public games are a good way for people to make friends, as long as all the people playing those games are friendly, of course. Part of making friends can be chatting with other players in the same game, so I certainly wouldn't suggest disabling the possiblity to chat to others, even though that's how some people do their abusing. Nor would I expect you to get rid of free tables, even if I get the impression that free tables are where most of the abuse happens: I don't know anything about free tables at all, but they seem to be popular, as I often hear the speech on my computer say that someone has joined a free table, or something like that. But having more moderators might make banning troublemakers easier, and blocking and banning such nasty people should be encouraged: I also wonder whether, if the number of moderators of the Playroom increases, it might be possible for ordinary players to report people who are nasty to them in some way. It's true that we're all different, from different countries, with different cultures, and different views about so many different things, so everyone won't agree on everything, but the Playroom was set up for blind people to play various games against each other, not for people to insult others just because they are not the same as them or purely because they are female. That's why I hope this idea of closing the English server of the Playroom doesn't get carried out, or, if it really has to happen, that the closure should be as brief as possible.

35. sedasayan,

No, this is not the right decision. What do those who know only English and any other languages! What do people who rely on the fact that there are English! you are the administrator, you can not be commanded by the events here, I mean, you have to think what is best for playroom. you created a playroom with lots of effort. and now all these efforts shshte wasted just because some people came and started doing shit that you do not need to pay attention., Yes, I agree, this is full of idiots, even if I have met them. But, believe me, this is not the best solution to solve the problem. if you do this, these people will think that you are powerless over their misdeeds, and will continue to do so with even greater force now. you are wise administrators, and I believe it will not do so. Just speak your mind, of course, that you can do whatever you want. But that 's my opinion, and I think this is the best solution to solve the problem, the solution is for these people to prevent them from coming here. When I see a violation here, trying to be explanatory enough to understand me when I report for some sort of problem. Several times I have reported people who do things that are not allowed, and you do what you should. For example, in the rules says that is not allowed to talk about, racism, religion, and stuff. There was one person who said it, I'm sorry you said it right just forgot. So, so, this is my opinion, and I apologize for the English, an interpreter is. Has much better solutions than to close server ... you're reasonable people and believe that you will find good solutions greetings!

36. Mimozavara,

Hello aminiel and all of the users here. Even if the english server being closed, anything will not be different, because the people will make it the same, but in the other servers, If you want to do something make a people to follow the users, and to understand what they do. That`s my suggest for solution, because, if you close the English server hundred of players, that haven't made nothing will be out if they don't know another language that playroom supports. I wish you all the best! :)

37. Derrikk,

Hello to all. I have been the top admin, next to the developpers on Klango. I resigned bcecause the developpers abandoned the ship and did not give us the means to do what we had to. But, as far as forums were concerned, we could, at that time, do what it took to stop them. No one should be disrespected, insulted, bullied and the greatest offense is insult to girls especially sexual remarks to those underaged. But what you are to do, and I am yet to read the entire thread about it, is to appoint moderators who will have the ability to remove the offenders when need be, and who will enforce the terms of service more generally. This is a very good place, and you can't just shut the English community down because of a minority. As someone said before, and quite rightly so, The English community is made of people from all over the world. I speak French so I know, as well as you do that French is not limited to france or Belgium but includes quebec, Switzerland, a whole lot of countries in central Africa, morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, let alone those who speak some French although it's not their native language. iIf ou shut down the English community, then those people will invade other groups and simply move their bad behavior to other parts of the server. It is not what you want, I'm sure. So, I understand that your team is busy but then it's prime time to appoint moderators with whom you can firstly have a conversation to check whether they can do the job effectively. Then and only then, things will stop. But shutting down the English group resolves nothing for you and punishes the lot of us who go there to play. Thanks for reading. Arthur

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