Playroom client 3.0 beta

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331. Aminiel,


Something is definitely wrong with BASS 2.4.16, as I'm getting exactly the same redirections whatever the version I'm running with.
Something more strange is that the stream doesn't play with none of the two versions if I'm trying with their official example programs.

I'm going to report this in their forum and we'll see how it goes. I'll let you know.

Am I allowed to post a link to your file in their forum ? IF not, I'll explain them with a fake link.

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332. Nikola,

of course you can post the link.
It will hopefully continue working, sometimes Dropbox disables the link if there is too high traffic, but it shouldn't be a problem in this case I hope.

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333. Marina,

I just wanted to say that probably the Uno freezing bug is gone for good, congratulations!
Maybe other people can confirm if they have encountered this bug during these last 3 weeks or so, particularly after the history was reversed in uno. I have personally never seen it since.

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334. Aminiel,

Nice, thank you Mmarina !

I'm on the way to make a big change that should fix, at least I hope, this kind of issues for ever: switching all networking stuff to an asynchronous I/O library. It isn't yet ready, though. This will be for after 3.0 official release.

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335. Nikola,

I have a question about Magic blocks and changers.
I was wondering if this is a bug, or an intentional feature.

Try to place a block of any type on A1 for testing.
Now, make sure you are on A1, and press X twice to use the changer twice on the same square.
Now, the block on A1 disappears.
According to the rules, you are allowed to swap 2 blocks on 2 squares, but I wasn't sure if this also means that you can swap a block with itself as well and thus remove it from the board.


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336. Aminiel,


Thank you Nikola, I'll look at that bug soon.

The beta has been updated to version 2.99.54 right now. The only change is an update of BASS library attempting to fix the problem with Dropbox.
Can you confirm if everything is fine now with Dropbox links ?

Thank you.

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337. Qais,

yes, now the links are working fine here. Thank you.

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338. Nikola,

yes, I can confirm that so far, everything is fine with Dropbox links.
Thank you.

Now, the V3 client is almost perfect for me. There is however one more thing I will try to report. It is a little tricky, but I will try my best to describe it. This is regarding the auto updator

What happens here quite often, but not always, the update dialog appears.
I press install automatically, and then the update starts downloading.
Now, if my connection is a little slower than usual, the download could take a little longer.
In this case, in the middle of downloading, the Playroom will reconnect.
This usually happens if it takes more than a minute, or somewhere close to this time.
This causes a problem with the updater, and one of two things can happen:

  1. If the update is not mandatory, like in this case from 2.99.53 to 2.99.54, the client will simply connect me to the main room of the Playroom.
  2. The download dialog is still displayed and the download is still in progress, but after it is completed, the setup does not launch and I simply get the main Playroom menu with options to create or join a table, and so on.
  3. If the update is however mandatory, then when I get reconnected in the middle of the download, the update dialog appears again.
  4. If I simply press the install automatically button again, this is much better because the download continues from where it was interrupted, and the setup launches normally.

Actually, I don't think the download ever stops when this reconnection happens.

I did a few more tests to try to understand this a little better.
First, I installed back the old 2.99.53 version and connected.
Now, the update dialog appeared, but I didn't react and didn't press any button. After about a minute, the Playroom made the reconnecting sound and I was again online on the Playroom, as described above.
So this appears to be happening when the update dialog is displayed, regardless of whether you are downloading the setup or not. Maybe there is some kind of timeout, and if there is, it appears to be really short, not more than a minute.

The debug, when this happens, and you get reconnected in the middle of a download, shows the following:

Request to download file qcgc-beta-setup.exe, time=18446744073709551615, hash=
Found existing file in C:\Users\wweni\AppData\Roaming\QCGCWX30\qcgc-beta-setup.exe
Downloading from into C:\Users\wweni\AppData\Roaming\QCGCWX30\qcgc-beta-setup.exe (14829387 | 14481 KB)
Websocket read failed when readhing message header:
Connection closed:
Retry in 100ms... (102ms elapsed)
Connecting to (secure=true)...
Set TCP socket options: nodelay=true, keepalive=true, dontlinger=true
Connection established in 320ms
Logging-in: username=Nikola, language=en
Done reading headers
Login successful !
Loading sample wink...
Sample wink found in datafile
Downloaded finished with status 200

But as said, even though the download has now finished, the setup doesn't launch and simply nothing happens. Since this wasn't a mandatory update, you can just use the client as normal. After restarting, you will just get the update dialog again.

So, if it's possible to increase this timeout or do something about it, that would be great.
It appears to concern only the client update dialog. Obviously, I use the Playroom normally, and if I am inactive for more than a minute, the connection is still kept without issues. Only in this update dialog such a problem exists.

Thanks for your work.

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339. His-girlfriend ,

Hi. In these new versions of playroom, whenever I press escape during playing, some menu is always appearing and to be honest it disturbs me a lot, makes me often confused. I am not sure if it was planned like that or if it is kind of a bug, but I wish this menu could disappear or would be able to be turned off. Then everybody could choose what is more comfortable to him/her. Thanks for attention. :D

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340. Aminiel,

@Nikola: I know what you are talking about. Sadly, I don't think I will be able to fix this problem before the official release.

The problem is tied to the I/O system I'm using, which tries to kill all connections which look wrong, and, until you have fully logged in with an acceptable version, you are in a special state, prompt to be killed as soon as the periodically checking bot finds you.

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341. fire-starter,

another problem I found is that when in either the create or join menu and hit right arrow while not focusing on the arcade option it still goes to the arcade menu.

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342. Nikola,

actually it isn't exactly a bug.
The menu is empty when you are trying to join a table, that is because there are no Arcade public tables at the moment.

However, if you go to create a new table, you can use the right arrow to more quickly switch to arcade games, or the left arrow to return back to Classic games, so it's like a quick shortcut to go to the other menu.
The same applies when joining tables. So, if there was a public table of Magic blocks ( useless at the moment), you would see it when pressing right arrow in the join a table menu.

Thanks Aminiel for the reply. That's unfortunate, but understandable. For now it seems that the best approach when updates are not mandatory with a slower connection is to download manually.

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343. fire-starter,

@nikola after sending my post I realized that and edited my other post to reflect that.

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344. Aminiel,

Hello all,

We have now entered in the deploying phase !

The latest version, 3.0 RC1, now replaces 2.2.8. It is no longer a beta, but a release candidate.

Players that are still using 2.2.8 will progressively get a proposition to update to 3.0 RC1. IF the process works well and if there is no blocking bugs of course, more and more players will receive a proposition to update in the next few days.

If you still have version 2.2.8 and would like to join the anticipated update testing group, you can also post here.

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345. Nikola,

I would be interested to test the update from V2 to V3.

I have a laptop that was never on the installed beta and is still using 2.2.8, so I can report if something goes wrong during the update.

Great to see that we are approaching the final phase.

Thanks for all the great work.

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346. C-Kan ,

Hello, @aminiel: I would also like to enter the test face, I am very careful with my computer and maybe I can help as much as I can, and of course, I would love to try it !: Greetings.

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347. slann-tonic,

I'd like to test release candidates!

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348. gfriha,

Hello, I don't know how to show you but... well something weird is happening with uno cards. Sometimes you can't see anything when the round starts, you can't see cards and sometimes you have cards when you are not playing, with a table not started.

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349. Aminiel,


I have just created a new version 3.0.1, which fixes the following issues:

Download here:

Those who have problems with braille, audio, or slow connection with version 3.0.0, can you please test this update and tell me if it's better ?
If everything is fine, this version will quickly become the new official one.

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350. slann-tonic,

but, why does the word beta continue appearin withing the link, if this is no longer a beta?

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351. Nikola,

Well, the version 3.0.1 was indeed a beta for a short period of time.
The version that is now on the website, 3.0.2 is not a beta and doesn't contain it in its link.

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352. semaj,

i am not able to see the installer used to install the beta

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353. Mohammedradwan2003,

because we are no longer in beta

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