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1. No-Time-no-Musume,


I've just encoutered a funny web client bug. What I did (on Android, but this might not be Android specific):
I opened the web client through English version of the web, which leads to the english section of the web client. Then I switched to French. Then I unintentionally refreshed by the refresh gesture (happens to me quite often). As I already reported before, I got kicked back to the english section. But that's not all! Certain menu items remained in French!

So for example I see: "create a new table, join a table" in English, but when I press join a table, I see the names of tables/games in French - course de canards, table libre and such. And what's the most funny is that in "table libre" I see "Free table avec Vojvoda and Nikola" for example - exactly as I write it here, a mixture of English and French (it's obviously referring to tables in English section, there were no free tables in the French part at that time.

Also, the whole menu starting with who is online is completely in French, in contrast to the menu starting with "create a new table" which is in English. Maybe it has something to do with when which menus load, and somewhere in the process it got corrupted and switched from one language to another.

By the way, the friendlist also appears in French, while the gray history spam is purely in English.

Edit: in contrast to "join a table", the list of tables to create is purely in English.
Actually: create a table, restore a table and functions and more (odd items) are in English
Join a table and options (even items) are in french (once opened that is)

Also list of online people is purely in English and gives list of people only in the English section, while friendlist is in French, saying stuff like "disponible", it also corresponds to the odd/even items number as the stuff above.

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