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Introduce yourself and meet new friends

Soundarya 157 Amsel,

Views and opinions regarding current situation of the playroom English forum

Mmarina 36 Mmarina,

European Theme Park assistance

helleon 7 helleon,

about social networks. What social network you use/would use?

freddy_krueger 9 meutwo,

Important update today

Aminiel 127 Nikola,

What is your real name and how to pronounce it?

crazy_dreamer 21 Chopin,

Accessible Python IDE

Mr.Superman 8 freddy_krueger,

audiogames forum is now in deutch

pikawax 5 StormProductions,

If any of you use OBS studio, please help.

AlexaTheKittyCat 0 AlexaTheKittyCat,

the killer

the.wind 45 AlexaTheKittyCat,

dog vs cats

airbusA380 35 AlexaTheKittyCat,

an error I have been getting

AlexaTheKittyCat 2 AlexaTheKittyCat,

NVDA beeping/announcing progress bar updates when playing media files on Windows 11

supanut2000 7 Sajad-Aliraqi,

Looking for Arabic teacher

fatima_zahara 3 Tayem,

Topic about playing windows and ios games on android

Rizwan 4 freddy_krueger,

audiovault is gone

augma 2 Naman,

Game advice

SheWolf 13 SheWolf,

Eurovision 2022 topic

RadioPierpaolo 1 freddy_krueger,

thing that I don't know about it in 1000 miles

ibraheemmohsen 4 Nikola,

recording with out NVDA

tewhongjun 3 phoenix009,

My new course, would love it if interested people could register.

phoenix009 8 phoenix009,

quentin c playroom live streem

kavya 1 phoenix009,

Advice on Teaching Demonstration and Board Work

imprisonedindarkness 5 EmeraldSnow,

Question about streaming

Rizwan 1 Mmarina,

2048 rules

Emrah20 3 Fawaz,


wolfi 22 piathekiller,

about Windows 7's extended Kernel

freddy_krueger 0 freddy_krueger,

looking for new books to read or lisin

airbusA380 9 YNWA,

The so Ancient ans nostalgic game: The Great Toy Robbery

moana 3 freddy_krueger,

Looking for german speaking people

carinchen97 3 marchoffmann,

play room question about ranking

ibraheemmohsen 1 Aminiel,

wich programming language are you learning currently?

doremon 6 magnumHurricane,

all indian peoples pleas fill this survey if you are in from class 6th to 12th

augma 4 augma,

I want a way to merge more than one image into the video

ibraheemmohsen 0 ibraheemmohsen,

if you no any train simulater for blind except tube sim?

dark_gamer 1 Nikola,

How old are you all?

carinchen97 18 Mmarina,

whatsapp groups

el_puma_13 5 EmeraldSnow,

lurning jurmin

unolover 4 unolover,

coffee vs tea

airbusA380 35 paul_mccartney,

Mateo Cedillo's programs thread. Software, utilities and more

rmcpantoja 0 rmcpantoja,

pine apple on petza

airbusA380 17 chandni,

What are some of your favorite radio stations?

Adventure-Time 4 metal_phoenyx,

Go community on Playroom

Moriarty 4 Moriarty,

Betting football matches

RadioPierpaolo 0 RadioPierpaolo,

Your help needed to validate a transformative project

Ryan_K 12 Ryo-Bee,

how I can move bishop in chess

ibraheemmohsen 3 Aminiel,

looking for sound forge impulses

Firestorm 0 Firestorm,

Share your Discord Servers

Mortem 3 supanut2000,

why is my hard drive not working

Alan1003 11 DarkAlireza,

Your help needed, to fill a survey about the upcoming Vidyadrishti writer's camp

phoenix009 0 phoenix009,

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