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Introduce yourself and meet new friends (en curso)

spaceship 310 abhishek,

Urgent: sighted help needed

Aminiel 34 aayushi,

Views and opinions regarding current situation of the playroom English forum

Marina 36 Marina,

new duck racing chalange idea word replica (rechazado)

aayushi 4 aayushi,

Blind people play piano and other musical instruments

hoanganh2013 11 hoanganh2013,

adding file sharing support in perminent messages and in free tables if possible. (rechazado)

aayushi 4 aayushi,

questions related to stw.

aayushi 6 aayushi,

Contact to Afik Souffir

Emrah20 2 StormProductions,


Arceus 24 Emerald,

unreal tournimant game

Alan1003 0 Alan1003,

adding sports games to playroom

aayushi 13 aayushi,

New game idea. Snakes and latters

wolfi 12 GeorgeWu,

Express yourself.

Arceus 64 Magic,

Low budget Smart watches for visually challenged

girmit 0 girmit,


Quintin-D 6 FlatWhite,

Scientiffic resources. Can you help me with your experiences?

gfriha 21 spaceship,

A telegram bot that converts YouTube links

ibraheemmohsen 2 Mohammedradwan2003,

tt media bot (resuelto)

wolfi 2 wolfi,

I need an easy programming language to build audio games

davidhs1200 20 Rory101,

Reflections on the Life and Teachings of Imam al-Mahdi (Qa'im) on the Occasion of Laylat al-Bara'ah (terminado)

Aidin 17 Marina,

Players birthday celebrations

Negaar 187 GeorgeWu,

how can i redirect on eurofly 3?

hoanganh2013 0 hoanganh2013,

Do you want to see?

Sajad-Aliraqi 16 Ephyra,

Amazon kdp and low content

OrsoNero 0 OrsoNero ,

why it ok?

davidhs1200 21 Aminiel,

iOS 17.4 released and two notes for the Web client

Nikola 1 CaptainMcOi,

What are your staple foods?

Quintin-D 32 Quintin-D,

How can I know that the history report I sent was handled and read?

davidhs1200 0 davidhs1200,

game for the blind

hoanganh2013 12 aayushi,

Talking about programming.

Arceus 12 Sajad-Aliraqi,

Important website and web client update

Aminiel 2 Aminiel,

online game and at on reader music (basura)

hoanganh2013 0 hoanganh2013,

Duck racing - DTMF sorting (resuelto)

Emrah20 3 Lemonade,

Beta-testing new games and features

Aminiel 2 Aminiel,

translate in pr

davidhs1200 0 davidhs1200,

Searching female undead voicing for our first game (rechazado)

CaptainMcOi 5 CaptainMcOi,

how to install the game bc?

davidhs1200 7 davidhs1200,

tell me about interesting games

davidhs1200 8 hoanganh2013,

what was the most stupid, hilarious or nonsensical question you received as a blind or visually impaired person?

lucy_light 89 proyecto_winter,

how to take off in Eurofly3

davidhs1200 20 hoanganh2013,

streaming google drive links in playroom (aceptado)

sky360 1 abhishek,

How to translate the game "surviving the wild"?

davidhs1200 15 Oleg_the_snowman,

Share your youtube channels

Caoimhe 11 StormProductions,

Reason of nickname

SheWolf 61 MuhammadHajjar,

Question for Muslim

Quintin-D 8 wolfi,

Eurofly 3 youtube tutorial from starting

girmit 0 girmit,

problem or probably the bug with instagram web

gemmi 6 gemmi,

looking for new books to read or lisin

Evertoneon 30 abhishek,

Please, help me find a new host

Hollow 28 abhishek,

New year resolutions? (anulado)

Quintin-D 12 Hollow,

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