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91. black_bird,

hello! My name is Eduardo, I am 14 years old, and I am currently living in Pennsylvania Philadelphia. I like to play online games like Constant Battle, Elemental Kingdom... And I'm also interested in learning a little more English. It is my first participation in the English forum xd

92. el_poderoso_sargeras,

Hi! wow, that sounds great. it could be strange, but I don't know many people from the united states in the blinds comunity, being playroom or any networks. Most of the people is from india, turkey, servia, and some other countries. just a curiosity

93. black_bird,

Yes, I also don't know anyone who lives where I live.

94. Stella_Mccoy,

me either, I don't know many people who lives at the united states, really. just, 5 or 4? somehting like that :D so I have no problem in chating if someone wants to. I think I am an interesting person, but first I have to know you more haha.

95. DianaNowlin,

I'm Diana and I'm 38 and I'm from Canada.
Citadels is my favorite game, but I also like 1000 miles, backgammon, mexican train, rummy, Dominoes, etc.

96. ColorOfSilence,

Doug Lee, Christian, 53 soon to be 54, Virginia US, software engineer and well-known JAWS scripter and occasional writer of NVDA add-ons and also of other utilities, usually command-line based. Fan of sci fi, coffee, dark chocolate, several types of music ranging from space/new age through rock into symphonic metal but not much rap, and occasionally, player of a few games up here and in other places. Cool topic, this is. And Yoda, I am not. Have fun all.

97. La_osa_manzanosa,

Hi there. I am a Romanian creature. I like to read, listen to music, learn languages ​​and procrastinate.

98. usted,

long life to procrastinaters

99. Dr.Kelland,

This is Mara Kelland of mushroomfm fame. christened Dr Kelland by Talmadge when I was doing my undegrad in psychology. I like to play monopoly and the trivia games. Also cards when I can find somebody to play wiht. Looking forward to getting to know you al. also musicalmara on elten and twitter shold you want to follow me there.

100. Pupppy,

Black bird,i have seen seen many from there. One of which regularly comes on here

101. hermis501,

Hello everyone. Greetings from Lithuania :) Probably some players know me pretty well, I am long time on playroom, but just today started to read forum discussions :D :D

102. ziniur,

Welcome to QCGC forums then! :D

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