Register for Writing with two fingers, a wonderful opportunity for the blind

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1. phoenix009,

Hi Guys

I'd love it if you guys could read this and register for it. Oh, and if the mods think this is inappropriate, they can remove it.

Hi There!

All of us have written something. It might be a changelog in my case, or an essay for high school in yours. We've fretted over our hands getting tired, and overworked, as we wrote, with all our fingers.
Imagine, then, the plight of a person with only two fingers.
This is what young and aspiring author Ashvin Karthik goes through every time he writes. Struck with cerebral policy, he had only two fingers. Two fingers, which he overworked, and overworked, and overworked, to write two publications in the last two years.
Now, we'd like you to join us in an inspriational and informative event where he describes the process of writing with two fingers.
This event will take place this Saturday, on the 27th of Febuary, at 3:00 PM IST.
It's easy to register. Just click on the link below this post.

Looking forward to seeing you in the event!


Link to register:

Oh, and before you go, check out our website and become a member at:

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