Inclusion the motto's brand new video, featuring Nathan smith from nathan tech!

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1. magnumHurricane,

Hello all. Following post was made on the audiogames forum, which you can check out in the link below. I thought it would be nice to put it here as well though, as the more people who come to visit the merrier! :)
The link is:
And now, for the post itself:
Yep! Our long-time dev who's clearly been on fire lately smile coming up with new, innovative and helpful projects one after the other took time out from his busy schedule to come have a brief chat with me over on our channel! So feel free to check it out! I will give a link to the video at the bottom of this post but since I haven't really introduced myself and the channel on this forum before, I thought now would be good a time as any to get into that.
So it goes without saying, this post might be slightly long. Strap on, People! If you wish to skip directly to the links feel free to use your screen reader's web navigation keys, although I would really appreciate it if you give this a red.
So greetings all. My name is Aarush Bhat. I am from India -specifically Kashmir-, and am about to be 17 this year.
I am a high school student, pursuing computer sciences. I've also been fascinated with the world of sound and music , and reading as well as writing fantasy stories has also been a long-time hobby of mine.
I grew up in Delhi, so haven't really seen what is called the "heaven" of India as much as  I would like to, as unforeseen circumstances led to my family having to flee from Kashmir when my mom was only in 10th grade. I have always attended a mainstream school, which of course came with its own set of challenges.
You see, our country isn't as technologically advanced and educated as we'd like it to be when it comes to people with, a slightly different set of  needs  although that is something which is changing fast and I am truly grateful about it, which meant that the challenges were intensified in terms of not being able to obtain accessible material and assistive technology. Due to this, there was a lot of struggle in my early years (most of all for my family) as I don't even think I was old enough to spell a three-letter word let alone big words such as that, to know what was going on. I won't go into too much detail right now, but it was a lot of fighting. I am for ever thankful to my family, especially my mother who kept fighting despite the odds. She took the discrimination, she took the insults but kept going. I managed to get a very good school though, with super cooperative teachers and a very kind principle. They helped me learn, taught me how to be independent and self reliant. Growing up I always had to prove myself though and so the struggles did not stop at all. Learning Braille, then managing to get hold of a computer as the financial situation of my family aren't amazingly awesome,  shifting completely to tech, trying to grasp the concepts as the studies began to get more and more complicated and advanced, for instance I remember a time when I was having difficulty understanding the human digestive system as the teacher had drawn a diagram demonstrating it. My mom then made a full  3d representation of that for me, and proceeded to make one for every other system that exists in our human body. I used to take those to school and show them to my teachers and they'd really get impressed, one even going so far as to calling the other students to me and explaining them with the help of that model as well.
Anyway, my point is that the challenges went on as could be expected really, and there was this one thing that stuck with me.
At first, I had no idea what it was. However, as the years passed and I started taking centre stage in trying to prove myself to my school, and the world in general I began to realize what it was. A strong, desire. A desire to do something. A desire to make this world more inclusive and open minded. To help educate and empower them about these challenges and their possible solutions so that the struggles I would go through wouldn't have to be gone through by anyone after me. Slowly but surely, this started to be my primary focus in whatever I did. I started to develop an interest in computer programming, and  tried to  keep the inclusion factor and benefit of others in mind with whatever I came up with, I started to write and develop other hobbies but always tried to make sure  that I never forgot what I intended to achieve in the end. About a year ago however, something began to gnaw at my head. A feeling, that I could do better in this regard. Something more, realistic and productive. The idea had been juggling around my brain for quite a while, but since I am naturally not an extrovert person(yes I am being completely honest here and have no hesitation saying that I am shy and not the most social person you could ever find on this Earth). I honestly wonder how that happened, my mom... well getting her to stop talking is a project of its own smile but anyway, since I've been very shy and kind of  in my own shell for most of my life I couldn't muster the courage to do it but with a bit of pushing from my family, not to mention several pep talks I decided to give it a shot, and started a you tube channel. At first it was nothing special, really. I think my very first video was a 5 minute clip of me talking about god knows what, followed by something completely unrelated -demonstration of a new mathematics feature in Microsoft  word(both of these vids can be found on said  channel of course) but as time passed I started coming up with ideas. I started learning professional recording software like OBS, and learnt a bit of basic video editing. Then, I launched my very first significant video where I truly broke down the goals of the channel and followed it with a challenge to keep my listeners entertained. See, I wanted to convey a lot of things to the public but I also wanted to keep the element of fun and enjoyment in there otherwise I was certain it would be nothing but some nerd babbling and would get boring really  fast. Apparently, people really agreed with this as right after the challenge video was done, my subscriber count grew, and grew, and grew. In no more than a week I had around 100. Fueled by the fact that I seemed to be heading in the right direction, I kept going and launching videos after videos. These ranged from bringing my very own teachers in for a brief interaction about inclusion, to moms of the blind people I knew(including my very own), etc.. At first I really didn't think I knew what I was doing, felt like my brain was on autopilot. But hey, people enjoyed it, people seemed to learn, so I let it happen.
Skip ahead a few months, and we are here now. The channel as it is right now. Feel free to check it out in my signature below, and here is the link to the chat with Nate. I really do hope you like what I am doing here, and come visit. Would appreciate it if you spread this around, and connect with us smile
Have a nice day, all!
"Diversity and inclusion, which are the real grounds for creativity, must remain at the center of what we do." ~Marco Bizzarri
This inclusion is what I endeavor to promote on my YouTube channel. Drop by!
Please also  give Our twitter a follow. That way, you will be the first ones to know when a new video is posted!
Oh yes, on the webpage itself those were direct links for those not wishing to visit the topic on ag, I will paste the url's.

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awesome interview!

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Very nice!

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Very nice interview!

6. phoenix009,

keep up the good work man! you're flying through

7. Pary,

Wonderful interview! It was really great to see Nathan Smith who has made so many applications for us on the channel. His work is an inspiration for us to do some amount of good in this world however we are able. Keep up the awesome work!

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