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1. yoko_ono,

In the Hispanic part there is a thread with this name and it is already quite popular, so I thought it would be interesting to do one here.
Basically people tend to post nonsense, ask questions when they can't find a thread or don't want to create one, etc.
I thought it would be interesting to create one here too as i said and I did. Here you have it, bye.

2. Hermione_Granger,

what is this thread ment for? I didn't really get it...

3. seawoman,

I guess at the Spanish side of the playroom they just write how they feel, what they feel, ETC., To be honest I'm not sure if it would work the best here.

4. Mike-DTZ,

Hello! I'm the creator of Express yourself here, in the Spanish part of playroom, and actually what we do is talk about everything. not only how you feel on this day, but whatever you want. you can tell a joke, share a song ETC. I would like to comment here, as it helps me with my English and I can meet new people. I like to make friends... so... :)

5. Nikola,

I believe a better place for something like this is just creating a free table and chatting with people. A forum usually has a specific topic people talk about, not just random things.

I would be happy to help with improving your English.

6. piathekiller,

yes, to spanish forum have the topic, used to asc fast questions, more thinks dont need come online all time.

7. Mike-DTZ,

Express yourself here in Spanish has many messages and many pages. I hope this thread can have them too!

8. gaisgeach_marbhtach,

sadly sorry to say that cultures are very different. many people here aren't used to expres thenselves as spanish speaker many times do them. I'm a spanish speaker and Colombian person, but i like the culture of quiet.
Then I think i understand a little both sides of the coin

9. Mike-DTZ,

Yes, I can see that here. I agree with you, I like the tranquility, and I decided to come to the English part of playroom just to meet people and be a little quieter.

10. Nikola,

in my opinion, this isn't due to the culture.
I don't know how is it on the Spanish side, but the English community has lots of other forums already existing for blind people. I suggest for example registering on the forum, there you can find many such general chatting topics and practice English.
Thus, as a result of this, usually Playroom's forum in English is quite low traffic, with off topic threads that are typicaly minimal and nowhere near as long as the Spanish ones.

11. Mike-DTZ,

Yes, is true.

12. sound2,

On elten, and on klango before it, there were a few general chat forums. I'm not sure how something like this would work on this platform. But no harmin trying. This thread can sink to the bottom, if nothing else.

13. el_conejito_rosa_sexi,

Hello, I'm agree with @gaisgeach marwtach. cultures are very diferent and everyone is not used to express opinions or ideas like the spanish people do. But I thought this topic could be great here too.

14. YNWA,

We have had Jokes and Questions of the week before. There is No English culture it is a mixed culture and as a result it is limited to what you can talk about if you include what the rules rightly forbid/limit and Brexit being one example. Line of Duty (BBC Police drama) is one example. OK I didn't watch it but if I did there would be few who did here.

The Eurovision song contest is an example where a topic did interest a number of people. It was streamed at a free table in the past but not sure what will happen this year. The Euros/World cup is another topic that would interest a number of people and I with others did create a predictions league but that was kept to private in-boxes. I will Not be running it this year as I have a lot to do but someone else can take it on if they want to.

15. siervodejusticia,

Hmm. Actually, I don't see this thread flowing quite well haha.
Actually, what we do in the spanish thread is pretty much post nonsencicle stuff, and I'm afraid those things aren't gonna make quite much sence in english haha. IDK that's not always the case, but anyways.
Let me express myself over here: I'm kinda fed up that once I come here, I get the freakin question of , are you male or female. I mean what the heck! rofl

16. gaisgeach_marbhtach,

Yes, as he said before, the thread in Spanish is used mostly to express nonsense things, or whatever you want, or want to say. There they do not have a meaning for everything, they only express what they feel or things like that

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