Translating crazy party

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1. SheWolf,

Hello all. I would like to ask you, whom should i contact, or what should i download, if i want to translate crazy party in slovak. Am thinking of it longer time and one of my slovak friends was about to, but his knowledges of English were poor, so he gave up. Not sure thus what to do. I think it would be fun and helpful for our blind people. Thank you in advance! Klara

2. pikawax,

Hello, please contact me privately, i'll eventually add you in our translation group.

3. the.wind,

Hello ... And I want to translate a crazy party into Bulgarian ... how to do it?

4. augma,

use instent translate

5. pikawax,

No, it wouldn't work properly.

6. SheWolf,

@pikawax I've sent you private message

7. blackspel,

hi, crazy party is in czech and some people are working on slovak i thing

8. SheWolf,

I think they were working at slovak translation but they left it, therefore i asked whether i could be useful and do the translation myself.

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