Important update today

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1. Aminiel,

Hello all,

A particularely important update is going to happen today. The playroom is going to be unavailable or at least quite a lot disrupted on the following days, but your patience will be rewareded! Here are what is to be expected!

Long live the playroom and have fun!

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2. Fawaz,

Nice one ;)

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3. Nikola,

finally after hours of crying, I managed to get some strenghth back and write this post.
My dear Internet explorer, it is such a shame that the Playroom will no longer support you. You have been such a trusty browser, going from page to page, making a unique click sound while a page is loading, and in fact the only browser having the coolest nickname ever, Internet exploder! Can you give any nickname like that to any modern browser? I challenge you to try. I mean come on, it's being replaced by Edge, what kind of a name is that? An edge of what? Maybe it drove you to the edge of insanity until it finally became accessible.

Just like Windows XP and my dear 2.2.8 version of the Playroom client, I absolutely refuse to stop using Internet explorer.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and thus an era is over. I will never forget minutes and minutes of fun while waiting for Internet explorer 8 to load a page, or the times it was crashing for no apparent reason.

Fortunately, there is a positive here. I tried out the new voice chat server, and I am really, really impressed. Of course, it makes me sad that it doesn't work with Internet explorer, but if I somehow tolerate that, the server is extremely innovative and I never thought something like this would be possible. Honestly you deserve an award for creating something like this and I am extremely surprised you made it free. The server costs for maintaining something like this must be huge.

Finally, I haven't been offered any Windows client updates, but that might be because the client realized I am an Internet explorer fanboy and now hates me. Can this somehow be fixed, maybe by using something even older like Netscape navigator so that the client can finally realize Internet explorer isn't so bad after all? Or maybe it takes 2048 minutes for the update to finally show up? If so I'll patiently wait, meanwhile trying to remember my famous Magic blocks combo giving hundreds of thousands of points, as well as improving my Duck racing speed challenges skills.

Getting serious for only a slight moment, this post was written very well. Congratulations. No idea if there is a certain truth to it, seeing as to how many of these features were announced beforehand and we have been expecting them, but whatever happens, at least one part of the post is completely serious without a doubt and I fully agree with it, Long live the playroom!

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4. unolover,

realy that is good

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5. Ruin,

all that I have to say is, h.

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6. ibraheemmohsen,

I did not receive the new update for windows client

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7. Naday,

The joke here was that we got pranked by ourselves thinking we got pranked at the first place. Well we sort of did but... Awesome! Welcome to the new update.

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8. Nikola,

first of all, thank you very much for this update, looking forward to seeing everything new.
Unfortunately at the moment lots of things are quite broken. I assume you already know about many of them, but in case not...

It's saad.almasry's turn.
saad.almasry plays a red draw two.
mohammed_albasha draws 2 cards.
mohammed_albasha gets 59 points.
Nikola gets 42 points.
saad.almasry gets 0 points.
Nikola: 278.
saad.almasry: 593.
mohammed_albasha: 713.

mohammed_albasha has reached the score limit of 666 points and is now out of the game.
You are the winner!

As you can see, the third person here reached the limit and got eliminated, which is fine. However, I don't understand why I won the game, instead of it continuing with the 2 of us.

Either way, thanks for all your work and I'm sure over time the stability we knew will return.

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9. Naday,

In addition, when you switch your internet connection to another one while on the main room, your Playroom will reconnect, however, that's not the problem. You will be online but you will be shown as offline. You can, thus, message people but they won't be able to reply to you. Eventually, playroom fixes it by reconnecting us and then we are again seen.

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10. AlirezaDarkk,

I knew I was going to get rickrolled, and still I clicked the link. Damn it.

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11. Aminiel,


I hope that you appreciate the update, in spite of the various bugs and stability issues. They will progressively go away, but be patient. It might still take a while until everything is solved.
As you can see, we have indeed moved to a new server and upgraded networking-related code. Given that this is quite an huge change, it's normal that everything isn't perfect directly from the beginning.


Ghost related issues will take considerably longer until we solve them all, perhaps more than a week or two.

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12. Adventure-Time,

thank you for the update indeed. April 1st is that day at which even your kitchen sink or apple airpods would attempt to fool you, and after spending some time in the live chat I was wondering where this is actually going. I'm very excited to see the new features and hope that all the issues mentioned above are going to be fixed eventually. Interestingly enough, the weird menu behavior in duckracing occurs only when two players are at a table, with 3 or more it behaves as it should. Also a small suggestion regarding the new menu sounds. They're a fun idea, but could there be an option in the future to turn them off if one desires? Thank you and keep up the great work. :)

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13. Nikola,


I hope that you appreciate the update, in spite of the various bugs and stability issues. They will progressively go away, but be patient. It might still take a while until everything is solved.

Of course, take your time. I understand how major such a change can be. I appreciate everything that was done, even the press enter game, which can be silly on surface, but actually still has something to it and is quite hilarious.
Thanks for the quick fixes as well, the arcade mode works now. Are there any instructions for 2048? I guess to ask better, can you access the instructions file in any way? There is a file in the archive but obviously the archive is inaccessible for us.

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14. Samet-Alim ,

How can I use chat server? where is it?

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15. Nikola,

so the main problem with Magic blocks multiplayer seems to be that you can't check the current amount of players in the game or you don't get notified when someone joins. I specify that I don't mean the players on your table.
So as far as I understand, the way this works is that the table master creates a game, opens Magic blocks, chooses battle royal, sets the difficulty and the mode and then waits for others before pressing enter to start the game.
On the other hand, other players must join the table and press enter, and then wait for the master to start.
On this last step, the master is never notified if other players are ready or not, because even though they have joined the table, if they didn't press enter they won't be in the game.
It also seems that this is quite independent of the master too, not sure if this is a bug or not. I can start the game, and someone else can join the table and press enter 2 minutes later, and they will still be in the game. Similarly, I can press escape as the master to stop the game, but other players will still continue playing normally. This last one isn't bad, I wouldn't want the game to stop if I get disconnected or something, but there should be more notifications of other people leaving and joining generally.


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16. nunoportugal,

hello, where are the rules of press enter? thanks!

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17. ibraheemmohsen,

How can I access the live chat?

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18. TheDreamer,

@nunoportugal you just have to press enter when you hear the sound. I guess. I didn't investigate much

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19. Bopitmaster16,

I do not know where it is iether. All I got was a darn rickroll!!!

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20. Nikola,

There's no live chat, that was an obvious April joke.
Or maybe it wasn't...

Anyway, for press enter, I'll quickly outline how I understood it and why it's an interesting game despite the silly concept. Of course, it has only been a day so it's possible I got it wrong as well.
The basic principle is to press the enter key when you hear a sound. However, it's not all about doing it as fast as possible.
The longer you wait, more points you will get, but of course you are risking that your opponent will press it before you and take the points.
This is much more interesting with more than 2 people. In 1 V 1 it is quite boring and is really all about speed, the 444 default score is even way too much.
However, with, say, 5 people, the only person who will get no points at all is the last one who pressed enter.
So, if 4 people press enter, the 5th one will get nothing. Thus, you are trying to be, if possible, the second last person to press enter, and thus get more points than everyone else, but still not to be the last one to do it and get nothing.

Of course, you can hear when other people pressed enter based on the buzzer sound. Finally, I'm not entirely sure yet what causes you to lose points. It's probably pressing enter before any sound at all happens, but I think there is something else as well.

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21. Bopitmaster16,

Guess I will try it again I suppose. Also, why would they rickroll us with that? that is so disapointing.

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22. Naday,

Was April 1st.

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23. Nikola,

after the latest reboot reconnecting is fixed in games, but now disconnecting is broken :)

What I mean by this is that when you press enter on leave the Playroom, you don't actually leave. You are online for about 10 more minutes, and your friends see something like, Nikola, available, friend, en,
without main room, free table or anything else. Furthermore, each time you reconnect your friends hear as if you have just entered the Playroom. I guess that's why there are so many reconnection messages in the main room, because if someone leaves, and then enters again in this period of about 10 minutes, they will only reconnect and not actually leave and enter as before.

Finally, the Uno bug I mentioned above happens only with 3 or more people, and it happens whenever one person is eliminated, but there are only 2 more remaining in the game. This short example with bots and a score limit of 33 points:
You play a blue 1.
Nikola gets 0 points.
James bond gets 40 points.
Albatros gets 20 points.
Nikola: 0.
Albatros: 29.
James bond: 43.

James bond has reached the score limit of 33 points and is now out of the game.
You are the winner!
The table is now open for new players.
So James Bond got eliminated, but me and Albatros didn't continue the game as expected, rather instead I won the entire game.


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24. ibraheemmohsen,

What makes you lose points in the enter key game also besides what Nicola said is when you keep pressing enter, enter, enter, more enters.

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25. Destranis,

How are you supposed to play this new 2048 game anyway? I mean whatever I perss after I start a game, nothing works.

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26. Naday,

@delmar-barry It is with shift and the arrow keys.
And @aminiel there seems to be another bug, now as Playroom restarted, I was playing 2048, at first, I saw how everyone was reconnecting on the main room, as if I would be there. Then I finished my game, it didn't even tell me how many points I made, I have no option to leave it and the menu just says create a new table. I'm stuck there and I can't create anything nor even leave the playroom, only if I pressed alt f4, but not from the menu.

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27. YNWA,

I take it that the braille challenge is in French braille as it does not make it clear when selecting the braille option what language it is in.

In English braille the basic letters and numbers are the same but contracted braille varies from British English, to US English, Australian English etc. They are lessening some of the contractions (much to my annoyance) to have a more universal English language braille system for all braille English Countries.

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28. Adventure-Time,

The letters don't differ in English and French braille systems but the numbers definitely do, so it'd be better to not have the number challenges if possible.

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29. Aminiel,


Braille challenge in duck's race only asks for simple letters from A to Z and digits from 0 to 9.
As far as I know, letters are universal, but I'm wondering if I should remove digits, as they don't seem to be universal, as some players already reported. Thoughts ?

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30. Fawaz,

I didn't know digits are not universal.
in Arabic it is same as English, the computer braille probably the only place I've seen numbers differently.

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