Playroom on mac, smarphones and tablets thank to web client

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31. Piciok,

Hello there. One big complaint that a lot of people that have talked to me seem to be having is that whenever you get connected, all the events of people coming in, out, creating, joining and leaving tables start to be spoken. This causes random cursor jumps and makes so much noise interrupting the actual navigation that it's hard to find the actual buttons to press.Apparently this is most annoying on Android although iOS users have this issue as well. Could some option be introduced to disable these messages?

32. Aminiel,

@Piciok: This is sadly a known problem, unresolved up to now. We have no idea what exactly causes it. If we remove all these messages, they wont be spoken at all so it isn't a solution.

Dernière édition par Aminiel, 04.02.2015 08:05:24

33. sos143 ,

I loved it when I could play on the cliant when I had a PC but I have a mac now and hating playing games on the internet, it is a lot slower for me. I rather the cliant. I hopeyou keep trying toget the cliant to work. Again. I hate, and don't play on the website. I haven't played on here since last spring.

34. mary.saied,

I have iPhone , and I want to get play room on it. how I can do this?

35. NovaLenada ,

There isn't an application for IPhone or android, but, you can go to using your browser or mobile phone. Enjoy, and have fun!

36. sukil,

An old message in this thread says that Aminiel tried using mespeak.js as a js library for eSpeak. However, there is a newer library for it, called espeak.js. It is available at

37. Aminiel,

I'm not using espeak; I don't like it, it sounds like crap.

IN fact I'm using JavaScript Speech API when you activate the option and if the browser supports it. Otherwise it's just ARIA-live.

38. slannon,


So, I love using this client on Mac OS X. It feels just like a native Mac client, what with VoiceOver reading everything as it comes in and sounds playing. I have a comment to make. Some sounds do not appear to play. For example, I have found that the green light, red light, speed limit and end of speed limit card sounds don't play. Is this a bug with OS X Yosemite, or is it a sound issue in the client? Also, what is the shake device option used for?

39. devinprater,

Just enable the browser speech synthesizer. That worked perfectly for me.

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