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Nikola 143 Nikola,

add a sports or any war game

medhansh 6 aayushi,

Friends (nouveau)

Quintin-D 2 majoz,

Archery duel

Isaac5457 6 medhansh,

add more arcade games

the_killer 3 medhansh,

Which games are currently being worked on to arrive? (en cours)

asosyal 8 medhansh,

Implementation for fives and threes (en cours)

LoboBranco 2 LoboBranco,

I forgot a few things. (refusé)

CathyAnne 7 Aminiel,

New games.

CathyAnne 1 Nikola,

How Does Automatic Account Deletion Actually Work? (en cours)

Nade 1 CathyAnne,


jesse 14 lucy_light,

Suggestion of Jungle game (en cours)

Emrah20 7 Emrah20,

sejestion of go fish.

aayushi 0 aayushi,

New Monopoly boards submission (résolu)

Emrah20 14 medhansh,

1000 miles proposal - junk a card directly on long press

Nikola 0 Nikola,

Monopoly Mortgage Keystroke

slannon 2 spaceship,

A questions about game translation (nouveau)

NoInternet 0 NoInternet,

Farkel Scoring

slannon 1 Nikola,

reply command in chat (résolu)

Kyleman 4 GeorgeWu,

a new game sujestion x hour

aayushi 5 Mishka,

new game idea life locater

aayushi 2 Nikola,

Fives and threes manual scoring mode

Nikola 0 Nikola,

new game request: ludo/ Pachisi game board on the platform

samrat_kc 5 Aminiel,

Duck racing bots behavior patern

lucy_light 3 Aminiel,

Yet another game idea: Betrayal at baldur's gate

codbro 4 aayushi,

allowing to choozing my own favorite botes. (terminé)

aayushi 8 Isaac5457,

Why am I unable to play some games with bots in the web client?

slannon 5 Nikola,

Cards Against Arda/Muggles

abbyforth 1 aayushi,

suggestion for new game: duck racint duels

Rory101 3 Rory101,

A few interesting things (en cours)

CaptainMcOi 26 CaptainMcOi,

Suggestion, add Truco game.

Borja 12 aayushi,

Duck Race suggestion

Eduardo_sousa 14 Aminiel,

Quiz Party in Serbian

Sebastijan 4 Aminiel,

Game profiles (nouveau)

Quintin-D 7 Emerald,

Automatically play audio streams

Nikola 14 Mortem,

game suggestion: bagha chal(moving tigers) (annulé)

Radiant 5 aayushi,

How is racism and anti-Semitism addressed in the playroom?

Alfred_Dreyfus 29 Aminiel,

add voice chats to the playroom (terminé)

amirmahdifard 41 Marina,

Loginging to your game of choice.

Mohammedradwan2003 3 Nikola,

Turkish translation

goodbye_my_love 11 Muamal,

Changes to keyboard shortcuts for the web client on the mac

rockstar2013 1 Nikola,

preserve login for internal web view

kartaan 0 kartaan,

Detailed rules for golf

splyt 4 splyt,

Final score in 99

Quintin-D 2 blaise97,

What version of Farkle does playroom Uses?

GeorgeWu 2 GeorgeWu,

Tysiac for 2 and 4 players

Nikola 4 Aminiel,

Ability to add Comment to Game Table Name

wesleymartin 2 wesleymartin,

suggestion to allow bots in quiz party, the little exam, and scrabble, along with allowing bots in connect four, reverse, chess, and go beta on the web client. (en cours)

Elevatorguy 7 Elevatorguy,

Adding ranks and levels.

Musfikul_hasnat_shiam 1 Nade,

Jaws 2024 reading in french when in english for QP validator (résolu)


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