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Translation errors and typos

Nikola 124 YNWA,

Suggestion to add captcha in web client login

georgeK 8 sikandar_raza,

a new suggestion about friends

thomas 6 WaterWave,

Saving Behavior suggestions

Isaac5457 6 Isaac5457,

Mine or treasure duel improvements

Isaac5457 0 Isaac5457,

add voice chats to the playroom

amirmahdifard 19 Lenka,

New favorites feature, favorites on top

Cvetko-Novak 0 Cvetko-Novak,

suggestion to add new feature, last seen.

Abhishek 4 GeorgeWu,

Another game suggestion, dice forge

codbro 4 Epic_Krrish,

Resetting arcade scoreboards from time to time

Nikola 0 Nikola,

When did quiz party was released on the English side of the playroom

GeorgeWu 4 YNWA,

please add a portable version for the playroom client on windows.

amirmahdifard 1 Abhishek,

edit forum mesages in windows client

MarceloGallardo 0 MarceloGallardo,

Would love a do-not-disturb mode

phoenix009 12 phoenix009,

Suggestion: add a pop-out window when viewing messages on the forums.

MisterKaaminari 8 MisterKaaminari,

Suggestion: add disenfranchisement notice for web client users who play duck racing

Isaac5457 1 Nikola,

A new game idea, pandemic

codbro 3 chan,

Yet another game idea: Betrayal at baldur's gate

codbro 3 codbro,

suggestion of adding a new game to the playroom: handcricket

sky360 10 Zelon,

A new game suggestion, ticket to ride

codbro 2 codbro,

a suggestion to add time limit feature for qc.

chan 13 Abhishek,

Some Duck racing challenge ideas

Nikola 3 Nikola,

Blocked, but still friends

lucy_light 9 Diana69,

Duck Racing Save

Pj64 2 imprisonedindarkness,

new challenges on duck racing

whozitken 1 Nikola,

Suggestion for a new card game: Ambition

Adventure-Time 0 Adventure-Time,

New Card Game Suggestion: Munchkin

CritLich 0 CritLich,

New Statistic for Quiz Party

ableman477 2 YNWA,

Suggestion to add a feature to shut people up while playing

Quintin-C 4 Ducklord,

Apples to Apples

Magarmach 4 Magarmach,

who is that again?

Pool 17 Chopin,

New game, mangala

colonel 1 codbro,


Mortem 4 the-chaos,

audio streams

codbro 0 codbro,

Suggestion to do more than one survey in the same forum.

Ronald-Weasley 0 Ronald-Weasley,

suggestion about chess

golden_secret 1 lucy_light,

New game Proposal: Fruit War

Isaac5457 3 codbro,

bot errors

codbro 0 codbro,

new game

codbro 0 codbro,

Battle Ship changes

codbro 4 codbro,

Question on Playroom Updates

imprisonedindarkness 0 imprisonedindarkness,

suggestion, table message

Copito_De_Nieve 9 Moriarty,

99 suggestion

codbro 18 SteveColmanAndFiveElements,

sugestion for the end of rounds

Arthas 0 Arthas,

new game

codbro 3 Aminiel,

Permanent messages suggestion.

Franco-Escamilla 5 Franco-Escamilla ,

Game suggestion

LadyKai 1 codbro,

let the Turkish language come now.

asosyal 1 Aminiel,

It's impossible to see time limit rules in 99 / "R" hotkey doesn't work

SteveColmanAndFiveElements 0 SteveColmanAndFiveElements,

Asynchronous tables

Isaac5457 3 Destranis,

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