Game suggestion: Dou Shou Qi / jungle / animal chess (rules included)

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1. Corona,

It is a chinese board game sometimes refered as animal chess. It is not as complex as chess, but it could be interesting to see it here. I'm not a developer, but I think implementing it would be not too hard as we already have board and moving piezes features in chess.
There is an audiogame version made by blasbay studios, however it is just in english and it is self voiced, so it can't be translated. Here is the download link, just in case some one wants to try it and see how it works;

Here are the rules, I recomend reading them from the web:
++General description
Each player controls eight game pieces representing different animals of various rank. Stronger-ranked animals can capture ("eat") animals of weaker or equal rank. The player who is first to maneuver any one of their pieces into the opponent's den wins the game. An alternative way to win is to capture all the opponent's pieces.

The Jungle gameboard represents a jungle terrain with dens, traps "set" around dens,[6] and rivers. It consists of seven columns and nine rows of squares (7×9 rectangle = 63 squares). Pieces move on the squares as in chess, moving one square vertically or orisontally per turn.
There are several special squares and areas of the Jungle board:

++ Animals (pieces)
Each player has eight game pieces representing different animals, each with a different rank, and in their own colour (blue versus red).
The pieces are has follows, with theyr rank and special movements if they have it.

Players alternate moves with Blue moving first. During their turn, a player must move. All pieces can move one square horizontally or vertically (not diagonally). A piece may not move into its own den. Animals of either side can move into and out of any trap square.

++Special rules related to moving and capturing

++ Optional rules / variations that could be included here in the playroom as custom options

2. yoko_ono,

Nice idea, would like to see the game implemented :)

3. facelessghost,

This is a kind of chess, I understand!
It will be healthy to see this option here!

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