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Some Issues Concerning History Report

mayya 2 wolfi,

error in the subscription section

black_goku 2 black_goku,

Web client bug.

colonel 2 Nikola,

Permanent messages taking ages to show up in your inbox.

Naday 2 MisterKaaminari,

On/offline message after server restart on 03/18/2023

Yanis 3 WaterWave,

not being notified about friends / favorits entering and exiting the playroom

sky360 6 WaterWave,

please change some of the ui messages to be more correct english.

amirmahdifard 8 Pool,

Scientific war and changing piles, should this be allowed?

Nikola 0 Nikola,

Pop up edit field ignoring event reading settings

MisterKaaminari 0 MisterKaaminari,

bug in web client

Abhishek 3 Abhishek,

bug in 99 time limit

elections 14 sky360,

Invitations not working properly

SenorSipster 2 SenorSipster,

Blackjack bug

Khal 0 Khal,

bug report

LovelessBoy 2 LovelessBoy,


sonic1 1 Adventure-Time,

I have a question about "Subscribe to the forum" function

Maya 1 Nikola,

bug in new duck racing challenges

whozitken 0 whozitken,

registration in the game room

Kristen_Star 3 elections ,

Bug with iOS and sounds

Isaac5457 3 Aminiel,

being able to vote in my own polls and see options to rate my own topics

lucy_light 2 lucy_light,

Please help

Hussain400 0 Hussain400,

Playroom is slow on a new I7 Laptop

Stenaldo 9 Stenaldo,

A weird bug that happens all the time in the newest ver

VIPPotato 1 Nikola,

riff raff able to join my tables

Quintin-C 0 Quintin-C,

bug in sending second message at same topic

elections 2 elections ,

bug in Polls

MarceloGallardo 10 Markk,

Have you ever managed to get more than 88% in rhytmic duels?

Ducklord 0 Ducklord,

a bug regarding disconnections

doremon 0 doremon,

Bug in Dominos.

Epic_Krrish 2 Aminiel,

Unable to log into playroom web client on macOS

rockstar2013 2 rockstar2013,

Bug: Audio streems are not working in web clients.

DeepakBalaji 3 DeepakBalaji,

Bug: "auto login at startup" option replicated in two different menus.

MisterKaaminari 3 Aminiel,

A Possible Bug in Backgammon Concerning the Doubling Cube

qball42 10 Adventure-Time,

possible issue with secret code dools in duck racing against bots

eathan 2 eathan,

a strange forum glitch

Nikola 2 Nikola,

A bug with Apple Jass and 3 players when taking the kitty

Nikola 3 Aminiel,

Unable to send message to friends on the web client if privacy settings is friends only

expresso 7 Chopin,

Error 500 on the web forum when signed in

Moriarty 1 Aminiel,

Is the forum search broken?

Moriarty 1 Nikola,

Duck racing bug

ibraheemmohsen 0 ibraheemmohsen,

Hearts Bots

RedHotCharliePepper 2 Aminiel,

Poker Is Using All Seven Hands to Determine the Winner Instead of the Top Five Cards

Razorback 0 Razorback,

Getting an error while opening the forum on the client

StormProductions 1 Nikola,

Viewing the forum using the client

Maya 3 sky360,

Sounds periodically not playing on the Windows client

Nikola 2 Nikola,

A strange server glitch

Nikola 4 Nikola,

Duck Racing Bugs

Isaac5457 1 Nikola,

Client crashes after closing the app during login

WaterWave 9 Koo_Loo_Cheh,

Not Exactly a Bug, but requires Urgent Attention

omeed 4 omeed,

A strange recurring bug with Permanent messages

the-chaos 5 the-chaos,

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