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Urgent: sighted help needed

Aminiel 17 Aminiel,

Introduce yourself and meet new friends (en cours)

spaceship 265 marchoffmann,

Views and opinions regarding current situation of the playroom English forum

Marina 36 Marina,

Do you want to see?

Sajad-Aliraqi 9 Ruin,

game for the blind

hoanganh2013 12 aayushi,

I need an easy programming language to build audio games

davidhs1200 12 abhishek,

Talking about programming.

Arceus 12 Sajad-Aliraqi,

Reflections on the Life and Teachings of Imam al-Mahdi (Qa'im) on the Occasion of Laylat al-Bara'ah

Aidin 13 ibraheemmohsen,

Important website and web client update

Aminiel 2 Aminiel,

online game and at on reader music (poubelle)

hoanganh2013 0 hoanganh2013,

Duck racing - DTMF sorting (résolu)

Emrah20 3 Lemonade,

Beta-testing new games and features

Aminiel 2 Aminiel,

translate in pr

davidhs1200 0 davidhs1200,

Searching female undead voicing for our first game (refusé)

marchoffmann 5 marchoffmann,

how to install the game bc?

davidhs1200 7 davidhs1200,

tell me about interesting games

davidhs1200 8 hoanganh2013,

what was the most stupid, hilarious or nonsensical question you received as a blind or visually impaired person?

lucy_light 89 zamasu,

how to take off in Eurofly3

davidhs1200 20 hoanganh2013,

streaming google drive links in playroom (accepté)

sky360 1 abhishek,

How to translate the game "surviving the wild"?

davidhs1200 15 Oleg_the_snowman,

Share your youtube channels

Caoimhe 11 StormProductions,

Players birthday celebrations

Negaar 169 sky360,

Reason of nickname

SheWolf 61 MuhammadHajjar,


Arceus 9 gemmi,

Question for Muslim

Quintin-D 8 wolfi,

Eurofly 3 youtube tutorial from starting

harsha 0 harsha,

problem or probably the bug with instagram web

gemmi 6 gemmi,

What are your staple foods?

Quintin-D 29 chan,

looking for new books to read or lisin

the-spirit-of-the-blues 30 abhishek,

Please, help me find a new host

Lobotomite 28 abhishek,

New year resolutions? (annulé)

Quintin-D 12 Lobotomite,

Unknown Albanian traditional song

Emrah20 6 Emrah20,

99 with bots. Some fun I tell you.

Mohammedradwan2003 2 Mohammedradwan2003,

Audio/video tutorials

Maya 5 AlirezaDarkk,

Happy new year

AlirezaDarkk 0 AlirezaDarkk,

Express yourself.

Arceus 63 CaptainLucian,

Happy Yalda night for those who celebrate!

metal_phoenyx 2 sound2,

Unknown French song

Emrah20 1 Emrah20,

My new song 'Krila leptira'

Emrah20 10 Vojvoda,

Talkback braille tables issue

HeadphoneJack 0 HeadphoneJack,

your favorite games on qc

aayushi 43 aayushi,

SAP program and screen readers (résolu)

Vojvoda 7 Vojvoda,

Accessible date & time converter (résolu)

Emrah20 6 Emrah20,

I want to learn the game of poker. I am waiting for your comments from those who know this game (terminé)

mohammad_darwesh 1 Nikola,

What do you think of the new games?

HeadphoneJack 13 Emrah20,

A common issue: (terminé)

SavitSodani 1 Emrah20,

Gameroom will be presented on My podcast, but in Slovak language

Emrah20 0 Emrah20,


Geralt 20 Mohammedradwan2003,

problems with stw (en cours)

SheWolf 13 aayushi,

problem with reading history with jaws 24 (terminé)

sky360 4 sky360,

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