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Introduce yourself and meet new friends

spaceship 233 lord_bloodraven,

Views and opinions regarding current situation of the playroom English forum

Marina 36 Marina,

Audio Drama Group Revival, anyone interested?

metal_phoenyx 6 YNWA,

What's your favourite song?

Quintin-D 37 sound2,

Looking for a chill exploration game

Anya_Kristen 10 sound2,

Reason of nickname

SheWolf 45 Rory101,

what was the most stupid, hilarious or nonsensical question you received as a blind or visually impaired person?

lucy_light 52 Anya_Kristen,

braille Rubics cube is avalable?

aayushi 17 fatima_zahara,

Players birthday celebrations

Negaar 107 Caoimhe,

New feature: topic labels

Aminiel 0 Aminiel,

Beta-testing new games and features

Aminiel 0 Aminiel,

your favorite games on qc

aayushi 25 lovguru,

Garagebend on iphone

Anya_Kristen 0 Anya_Kristen,

orca speech queue issue in ubuntu 23.04 nautilus application

cakeWala 8 Symbian_Belle,

problem or probably the bug with instagram web

mystified_meutwo 4 aims,

looking for new books to read or lisin

CoffeeLover114 14 sound2,

installing ubuntu on virtual machine

sky360 12 cakeWala,

Express yourself.

Metamorfo 53 godfather,

SAP program and screen readers

Vojvoda 4 Symbian_Belle,

Question for Users of Golden Cursor NVDA Addon

imprisonedindarkness 2 imprisonedindarkness,

The Renaissance wrist watch

lucy_light 5 lucy_light,

is chatgpt better or google bard according to you.

aayushi 10 supanut2000,


EmeraldPupMato_lemon 5 YNWA,

should playroom have games like psudocu?

aayushi 3 aayushi,

I need help with my guess the code chalange in c sharp

aayushi 0 aayushi,

Bridge online game

RadioPierpaolo 7 triggered,


sultanalmalky 0 sultanalmalky,

a very serious question

kempfious 17 Sajad-Aliraqi,

Your help needed to validate a transformative project

Ryan_K 15 imprisonedindarkness,

zero zigth

draco_malfoy 6 Quintin-D,

Advice on Teaching Demonstration and Board Work

imprisonedindarkness 6 aayushi,

football5 (blind football)

charizar-3445 1 aayushi,

Visual options of the windows client

Aminiel 5 Aminiel,

Audio streams question

codbro 9 TheDreamer,

Accessible Python IDE

Mr.Superman 15 Symbian_Belle,

saving is not supported in duck racing.

aayushi 2 aayushi,

creating an app for the playroom for ios and android

aayushi 3 aayushi,

Alter Aeon

Ryan_K 9 aayushi,

is KaiOS usable by a blind person? As far as I read, it has a screen reader and is the 2nd mobile OS in India. I wish to try it, but my question is, what about the screen reader? Another interesting fact is that it is used with the keyboard only

Symbian_Belle 2 Symbian_Belle,

duck racing challenges

QueenTammyTheFirst 1 Nikola,

Question about Duck Racing Duels

dparker 2 dparker,

Any lesbian and or bisexual females out there?

sound2 18 sound2,

About Nokia and Symbian! What where your experiences? Do you still own a symbian device?

Symbian_Belle 8 Symbian_Belle,

What kind of new game would you like to see on the playroom in 2023?

Aminiel 20 aayushi,

Life as a blind person. Tips, tricks...

TheDreamer 1 mystified_meutwo,

In Memoriam, Dalibor Dražić 1983 - 2023

Vojvoda 19 mystified_meutwo,

game engines

sultanalmalky 2 sultanalmalky,

About the Eurovision Song Contest 2023

RadioPierpaolo 1 Symbian_Belle,

Daily riddles

codbro 60 imprisonedindarkness,

Inverted or muerto?

Nice-2-meet-u 0 Nice-2-meet-u,

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