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1. Arceus,

Hello. I create this topic with the intention of being able to express ourselves and talk about things of our day. Want to talk about how good Sleep is? You're in the right place. Want to express your hatred for people who leave games when they're losing? Here is the perfect place!

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2. lucy_light,

Hello! Do you guys have any idea why my grandma is a frustrated human alarm whenever she thinks something might go wrong about me, getting me even more scared and popping up on my nerves? For example, it's not enough that I had an accident in which I almost cracked my forehead, but she has to make it worse by throwing her loud accuses. I can't stand it. My parents do the same sometimes, but it's harder with her.

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3. bash,

That's one cool grandma. I approve.

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4. unolover,

I won in uno yesterday

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5. dhegwork-adakly,

I express myself, I like Scrabble.

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6. Thenji ,

i express my self! I ca'nt sleep.

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7. gatia ,

Hello guys... here I want to show you something that has happened to me and ask you one thing...
Imagine the following, you are talking to a person you just met, or you don't know very well, and they ask you very personal questions like... how much do you earn at work? You have not married? You haven't married yet!
My question is... what do people think about when they give themselves the right to ask something so personal... how are they capable of creating that question and putting it out of their mouths and what do they feel when they do it... if someone knows the answer To my doubt, please explain it to me.

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8. lucy_light,

Hey! Well, I don't know if this improves the situation or not, but I've been facing this type of people since I joined social media.
Nothing to do about them, just block them if online, if offline, try being the first to give info about yourself and point on what you wanna say or not, as this gives them an idea of what topics you're/ you're not going to tackle .
An other thing would be to just ignore or reject the questions politely if you think they're exagerated.
In most cases, it is just about common sense and education, but in your situation as I see it, maybe the person was too much out of the shell, excessively sociable, if you know what I mean, a bit invasive, with or without bad intentions.
In any case, you can set limits.

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9. Mortem,

@fatima_zahara: I don't know the answers to your questions but I have a few questions. How much do you earn at work? Why aren't you married yet?

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Dernière édition par Mortem, 31.01.2023 19:29

10. lucy_light,

Oh Yeah, just what I was talking about. Anyway, I don't wanna create drama here, so if you need advice, just don't hesitate to write me a permanent or simple private if I am online.

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11. Mortem,

Can I write you a private if I need advice? I need advice on what you meant when you said "just what I was talking about."

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12. phoenix009,

I am just tired lol.
Sleeping for 4 hours a day, not good :).

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13. Emerald,

Hahah this topic will get hectic very quickly. To the person who was asking why people ask questions that are personal, its mainly because of boredom or wanting comparison or wanting to feel better/envious. Alternatively its just a sentence starter. You are in control though.

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14. the-wind,

hi... i have a few questions... why is it that whenever i go out alone my mom is so worried... mind you there are a lot of cars and stuff and stuff... ok i understand she's a miner and is worried but i think she's exaggerating... she calls me every half an hour asking where i am and when i'm coming home... i don't want to create drama here

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15. Arceus,

Just put your phone in offline mode, and it won't be a nuisance anymore.!

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16. unolover,

why do players block me

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17. Shell,

It's rair that I do this to anyone, and if I do I either A. try to make sure they know the reason, or B. the reason is already obvious. I think it's always better to clear the air and make sure the other person knows what terms you both are on, because it saves misunderstandings and for your as well as the other person's own well-being if nothing else.

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18. phoenix009,

Just had an interesting debate with someone about a mechanical keyboard. People seem to love them, I don't like them so much. I find I'm just so much faster on a keyboard with lower travel, like those on the XPS 13 plus or similar ultrabooks.

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19. Negar,

I'm sad when will I see my compatriots happy? I want our government fall quicly!

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20. Eithan,

@pepi20006 Your mom is just afraid for you. I know how you feel, but try not to be frustrated by that and try to understand where she's coming from.

Try to assure her that you're okay, and whatever you do, do not close your phone. You will make her worry even more. Try to take her calls in stride and assure her you're doing well and everything is okay. It just shows that she loves you and that's why she is so concerned about your well being. The more she sees you're doing all right, despite how long it takes, the more she will be confident in you going out and the less she'll worry. :)

Hope that helps, and cheers.

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21. M_A_G_A,

Do you really want me to express myself? Fine then…

Seeing my frenemies succeed is just… Well… Nauseating. None of them should be happy.


Any hints on how to make them all live in misery for the rest of their lives?

Also, I don’t want to hear any psychobabble, such as, a finger pointed at one person equals three fingers pointed back at the finger pointer…
Or “You really need to figure out why happy people make you so unhappy!” “Time for some psychotherapy!”

Also, no religious bogusness, such as, “Remember Steve, God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.”

Lastly, I hope people have a since of humor!
Happy Saturday and weekend!
Or, in the vein of this post, should I have wished you all a crappy Saturday and weekend?

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22. LovelessBoy,

Hello listeners! I am wanting some suggestion from yours Actually, when someone ask me about my private topic I feel uncomfortable to speak with them And when I am not replying them, They treat me as a mystreous boy. I don't like to make friendship with everyone. I accept only 23 person In my friendlist.
most of them are accepted by me in last month.
and now 68 person is waiting. One of them is waiting for 6 months. And he is disturbing me a lot
I don't want to block him.
Because, it makes me pride
And not only that, already I blocked 17 person for disturbing me restlessly So I don't want to add anymore in that list.
Please, give me any good suggestion to iggnore them. Thanks an advance.

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23. phoenix009,

I need to make more videos.

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24. SheWolf,

@lovelessboy it happens to me too, but not too huge amound of people. When i don't want someone, i simply refuse friendship and that's it. You don't have to like everyone, it's not a law, and mainly when here are different kinds of people you know.

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25. codbro,

Here we go, rant time, so, this morning, i started a 60 turn microgame party on crazy party, because i wanted to get jems, it was going so well until the 59th game, and this dude wrote in the chat, well you've just wasted your time, and left the party, so no jems for me, why do people do this?

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26. amirmahdifard,

about asking private questions, here's my personality: if I ask any question from somebody, at the end, I quickly say (sorry if this question I asked is a private thing to you, if it is, feel free to don't answer, and sorry because I didn't know that it's a private thing). I hope this is a good thing that i'm doing when I ask questions from people.

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27. Ramson,

I expresing my selph.
it is very hard to love someone but... she don't love me. :)

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28. littlewolff,

To @elLOPES: Well dude, that happens to everyone at least once. This is the life

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29. ron_weasley,

hello all, let's express myself. Imagine, you like a girl girl is sighted and she likes an other sighted boy. You have sighted friends a sighted boy is showing near you that he loves the same girl but she doesn't see you as an option. Then what to do?

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30. Quintin-Dziadkiewicz,

Move on

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