What kind of new game would you like to see on the playroom in 2023?

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Sondage: What kind of new game would you like to see on the playroom in 2023?

What kind of new game would you like to see on the playroom in 2023?

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1. Aminiel,

Hello all,

AFter introducing the poll feature with a small and quite innocent question, here is now a new poll with a more serious question.

We can't gnarantee that your choice will be honored by the end of the year, even though a clear majority would shine, but we will of course try to head our efforts towards the direction you will have given to us.
Note that we chose quite vague and open possible answers on purpose, to avoid crystalizing the debate around particular titles, and also to avoid to commit for propositions that don't motivates us really at the end. The titles that are given are only examples, so that you can have an idea what we are talking about. IN any case, we aren't going to clone existing games.
Note also that this poll will be posted in all major languages of the playroom. This will allow us to have a more general answer, but also maybe see some differences between the different communities.

What kind of new game you would like to see on the playroom in 2023 ?
When posting in this topic, try to don't influence other people too much and to stay neutral and objective. However, don't hesitate to ask questions if you have any.

Thank you for your participation !

Score: +5

2. SheWolf,

Am still woting for checkers, smiley. Even though it will be probably not given here. But still. It is game of my childhood. Once i posted here the rules and all.

Score: +2

3. Nikola,

I personally think that the most fascinating thing about the next game, no matter what it ends up being is that, if we count both arcade and classic games, this will be the game number 40 on the Playroom.

40 games, on a free platform, with all but 1 made by a single developer, that's simply impressive.
I think it was worth highlighting that, because this alone shows how much the platform has evolved.

About the poll itself, it would seem to me that there is an answer that is counter intuitive to the Playroom concept. I am not sure if that was intentional, but I have a feeling that some games can't be played on a single table.
Take an example:

A complete audio game in arcade mode, like Crazy Party, Super Egg Hunt, Survive The Wild or Super Mario

I don't know what the goal is, since many of these have different concepts, but Survive the wild caught my attention in particular. It is an online audiogame, basically like a world simulation, where you can do all sorts of things. Hunt, prepare food, gather resources, fight animals or even optionally players.
You would need to know about the players which are currently online in this particular game/universe, and also it has many real time actions based on quick reaction. With a few exceptions, it might subjectively be one of the largest multiplayer audiogames.
I'm mentioning this just in case it was an oversight/maybe you weren't sure how Survive the wild works, since all other audiogames are either solo and based on a high score, or are online in the sense like Crazy party, where you play with a few predetermined opponents and can work perfectly on a table as well.

It's not directly on topic, but not completely off topic either, but mentioning arcade mode caught my attention. Are multiplayer arcade games abandoned? The magic blocks multiplayer is still essentially completely broken ever since April, and here, we see only high scoring games in regards to arcade mode, so I am curious if an arcade game were to be chosen, would it be solo only?

Either way, thanks for the poll, it's a great idea to have a general sense of what might happen in the future.
As always, best of luck to you and thanks for all the work you are doing.

Score: +4

4. El-Dragon,

i am sad because we will never have truco

Score: +0

5. Aminiel,


Thank you very much Nikola for your encouraging message.

No, arcade multiplayer haven't been totally abandonned, otherwise we wouldn't propose them in the poll. If votes go in that direction, then maybe it's the time to resurrect them, because yes, up to now, they have been left behind.

As explained in the first post, it's intentional to leave only vague, open answers with various unrelated examples. We don't know exactly yet what could be the next arcade game if it were to be chosen, and we don't want to restrict already now on a particular game.
So it might well be a platform sidescroller, a top-down, or even a 3D game, we don't know on what topic.
For sure, though, probably it won't be a 1vs1 fighting nor a sport (football) game, as I'm not fan of those kind of games. For the rest it's pretty open.

And yes there are type of games that will live longer than tables themselves. Management/strategy games in persistent universe is also another example, as well as turnbased games which could last for a few days or weeks.
For that later, I imagine something where you would have about 24 hours to play your turn, or where you give orders during the day and the turn of everybody is resolved simultaneously at midnight. They would be played in special tables where the actual game will last beyond the time you leave the table.
These would be a serious challenge to create, but why not ? They might well not be there by the end of 2023 typically, but it's a possible direction.

Score: +4

6. imprisonedindarkness,

I think it's much better if the playroom strives for variety. It already has card games, dice games, traditional board games and others. The idea for creating a management or simulation games is good. It enriches the games that the playroom can offer since not everyone of us is fond of those other games. Each of us has our favorite genres. Maybe, it's more cost-effective to make a tower defense game?

Score: +1

7. YNWA,

I think you should say "such as" instead as "like" because it suggests that people would get games simlar to the games that are in the options, when you mean other card games or other board games.

There are more than 40 games if you count variants. If you do not then Dominoes and Mexican trains would count as 1 game as they are both domino variants.

Score: -3

Dernière édition par YNWA, 18.01.2023 01:09

8. Chopin,


Score: +0

9. Aamir,

well, what ever you are gonna make is going to be next level I know, because, now we have over 40 games, and that too by a singel dev I guess, I just have some things to say like. please try to add the voice chat feature if you can, and please try to add the GUI just at least for some popular games like uno and monopoly, so that we could play with our sited friends, there are many of my school friends, office friends, and relatives who want to play with me in an online mode, especially my cousins, they all play uno but that virsion is not accessible as you know, so please try if you could add GUI at least in uno, monopoly, 1000 miles, and 99 and others. and next thing is, if you could just add a game like hand cricket or something, that would be really fun, because now, people think that qc is only for board and card games, but instead of making this platform limited, we can have a wider uproech to the players of different variety of choices. hope that you consider what I have mentioned. regards. AAMIR.

Score: +2

10. catcher ,

I would like to see the game of snakes and ladders in the playroom. Also I would like it if it would be possible to include bots in all the games.

Score: +1

11. lucy_light,

Some games, such as the quiz based ones, can not include bots and will never do.

Score: +1

12. sopralto,

I would like to see the game of risk

Score: +1

13. Maya,

Ludo game would be good.

Score: +0

14. Simmi,

I agree with Maya's suggestion of ludo game.

Score: +0

15. codbro,

i also agree with ludo

Score: +0

16. Adventure-Time,

Yoo, I totally agree with Maya, not with Ludo though. :D

Looking forward to seeing and playing the new and 40th game, no matter what the destiny decides it to be. It would be exciting to see another quick arcade game with a working multiplayer mode for instance. I'd also love to see more trick card games, I guess I'm into them too much. :D Of course there's already a lot of them so I understand there's no big interest of bringing other similar games, but as I wrote some months ago, I'm myself really lacking those for two players only.

Adding a complex audiogame is a cool and interesting idea, although I'm personally wondering whether such game wouldn't work better as a separate project. Just my feeling tho.

Score: +2

17. amirmahdifard,

I feel we already have a lot of card games, I really liked the idea of adding a game like stw in here! it would be really nice for the playroom! playroom is really missing it!

Score: +0

18. glad,

can you please add psudocu game. its a nice logic game. I also wanted a game like apples to apples. is it also possible to add sports game like football since there is lot of things to do in football. thank you. please reply if you like any of my suggestions. thank you all.

Score: +1

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