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1. codbro,

hello there, i would just like to ask a quick question about music/audio streams. Does it need to be dropbox that you get the link from, its just that i have downloaded a film for a free table, if it doesn't have to be dropbox, please can you previde some alternative options. Thanks in advvance

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2. Nikola,

it doesn't necessarily have to be Dropbox, no.

What is important is that it is a direct link to the audio file. In other words, when you click the link in a browser, the download starts right away without any extra steps/a web player where you can listen only via the browser.
For other cloud providers, both Google drive and One drive allow you to make direct links which can be streamed on the Playroom, although you have to go through an extra step. In case you have any of these and are interested, let me know so I can explain it further.

Additionally, some Youtube to MP3 converters also often offer you a direct link which can be streamed, although these are of course usually temporary and last for a short period of time, since they are anyway meant for you to mainly download the file.

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3. codbro,

thanks for you help, I've recently set up a films table on the playroom, but i did manage to get dropbox working, what was happening was that when i pressed shift f10, the coppy dropbox link option doesn't seem to be there, but it is now. However, my dropbox is getting quite full, so i will have to use some
alternative ones, thanks for your help

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4. glad,

Can I directly streem a YouTube link? please share.

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5. Kamalakannan,

@aayushi Certainly you can't. you should have a direct download link of the music for streaming.

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6. Arya_Stark,

If you want to stream something of Youtube, I recomend you to use Renova Music. It's easy and simple to use. I'm not advertising, but you can generate links that can be streammed by the playroom's player. If any of you use the program, just search the video you wana stream and press control+d. You'll just have to wait a few seconds and the link will be generated and automatically set on your clipboard.

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7. GeorgeWu,

I use renova music, that's how I stream music or videos on youtube.

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8. glad,

Can you please share the download link please

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9. ibraheemmohsen,

You can download renova music from:

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10. TheDreamer,

Keep in mind, that the link renova generates, is a temporary one.

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