What is your imagination of?

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1. Negaar,

Hello all!
Blind guys, VI folks and maybe Sighted friends.
Have you ever browsed through your entire emoji pannle,
I was doing it out of boredom today... And I really thought of how there are many undefined things for us that are imagined as something else.
Just now I thought to ask here, how do you imagine a sound or obgects that you don't know?
Eg. Some days ago me and a group of my friends were playing survive the wild,
which had been still alive.
And Someone said that the sound of cave beasts reminds him of vacume cleaner LOL. And The lion sounds like an old bus for an other friend of mine.
what comes in your mind for lightning, Tigers, bombs, rainbow, stars upon the sky...
Or, playroom sound effects.
you can tell us here guys!

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2. lucy_light,

Hey! Yeah, I have the same way of imagining sounds having a shape, but on the counterpart, I would expand it and say, every shape has its sound, be it soundless in real or not. In some cases, I can even find duplicates, like a real object has two sounds, the one it makes in interaction with the environment, in movement or simply its own noise and a virtual one, synthesized by the shape. This theory has also been founded on the definition of sound, a mixture of perceived vibrations and frequencies, so we can assume that they might form a patern somehow, don't know how to explain it, but anyway, I am using that to explain how colours work, as I can not get them. being a poet involves a lot of creation and shape conventions of my own mind, so it comes naturally.

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3. girmit,

In ducks racing game, the duck's sound is like a kid's fart.

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4. Negaar,

Lol! :O

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