Learning Opportunity - Free, online course on equity and inclusion in education

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1. Angelina-princess,

Hello everyone,

Education systems are under immense pressure to deliver quality education and reach all the learners, simultaneously transforming the contents and systems to support lifelong learning through increased flexibility. 

If you'd like to learn more about equitable and inclusive education, refer to the link below to Learn more about the course and enroll here:

The course will commence on April 10. Please share the course in your networks and channels to reach various audiences interested in this topic!

In this professional development course, learners will be guided by top experts in Asia-Pacific Region through all the basic concepts, terminology, and methods across the necessary areas in education system development from policy and financing to education leadership and classroom pedagogies as well as partnerships and development of lifelong learning systems. Course focuses on equipping learners with relevant knowledge and understanding to act as a changemaker to transform education systems more equitable and inclusive and offers practical examples and real-life cases to reflect on.

Equity and Inclusion in Education is a FREE, self-paced, 10 module online course from HYPERLINK "https://bangkok.unesco.org/"UNESCO Bangkok, supported by HYPERLINK "https://en.eef.or.th/"Equitable Education Fund (Thailand) created in collaboration with HYPERLINK "https://www.unicef.org/eap/"UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Regional Office (UNICEF EAPRO); HYPERLINK "https://www.unicef.org/thailand/"UNICEF Thailand; HYPERLINK "https://www.seameo.org/w5"Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO); and  HYPERLINK "https://thailand.savethechildren.net/"Save the Children hosted by UN HYPERLINK "http://www.sdgacademy.org/"SDG Academy that introduces the challenges for equity and inclusion in education and provides learning for solutions.

Happy learning!

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