Any lesbian and or bisexual females out there?

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1. sound2,

Hi, I usually don't do this sort of thing. But here goes.

I was wondering, are there any lesbian or bisexual females out there? It would be nice to have a chat, as friends to start with. I consider myself bisexual with an interest in having a relationship with a woman, if that one day happends. So for the moment friendship is fine.

Anyway, I think I've said enough for now, shy face.

I'm rather new to all this, so please be gentle.

P.s you can add me as a friend on here, or inbox me on here.

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2. eathan,

you posted that here because... why?

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3. godfather,

think the post makes it pretty clear why. Not to mention the being considerate and understanding bit.

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4. eathan,

it's not that I'm being inconsiderate, I'd like to refer you to a topic that was called A blind boy is looking for a tall girl for a pleasant time together (Age isn't important)
which when trying to send a link for proof, comes to something that says this page doesn't exist.
I understand this previous topic was for May 2020, we're almost 3 years past then, but just looking at the two topics looks to be some thing sort of similar.
i'm just one user, this is just one person's opinion, but for what it's worth that's how I see it.

if I came off as rude or inconsiderate, I'm sorry I did not mean to make it seem that way.

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5. EmeraldPupMato_lemon,

I don’t think this is the right place for dating but thats just me.

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6. sound2,

Hi, you all, thanks for your posts. To the person that said my topic looked like another one. I don't know of this other topic... Blind boy looking for ETC. ETC. As not for dating, I mean you won't know if you don't try. If nothing happends it's quite fine.
Regards all.

P.s or even of that kind of friendship. As my subject line said.

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7. YNWA,

There was a difference as the first post in this topic suggested friendship although I would have left it there personally. You can play someone and if you like them you become friends and if both agree then it can go further as it has with some I know.

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8. M_A_G_A,

Posted in Tea room. All good!

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9. sound2,

Glad someone thinks it's the right subject place for it.

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10. Cappuccino,

Hi, another bisexual here! I'd recommend looking for other LGBT people on Reddit, Facebook or similar platforms as they have a larger community of like-minded people, maybe even from your place. You could also search for LGBT organisations in your city/country and try to get in touch with them via email etc. These organisations usually have weekly/monthly meetups, so you could join them and get to know new people. Don't be shy. Based on my experience, you'll find lots of cool and open-minded People there. Good luck!

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11. sound2,

Hi, thanks to the previous poster. Sorry can't spell your nick. I appreciate your advice.

I'm looking on fb, haven't quite figured out how to use read it, or however you spell it. In south Africa, people tend to keep themselves to themselves. But thanks for your thoughts it's appreciated.

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12. Radiant,

yeah reddit and discord have much more larger communities so there's a high chance of finding people with similar interests. all though quentencies game room is a pretty diverse community, it's goal oriented towards gaming so people usually log on to play a game or 2. a lot of them don't even check the forum and some of them probably don't even realize that forum exists.

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13. GodSaveTheQueen,

To all of you hating on Louisa, shame on you. This is in the tea room section, and she has the right to look for whoever, whenever and wherever. While I am not bisexual or a female, I support you and sincerely hope you can find someone on here or elsewhere. All the best!

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14. Vojvoda,

Double standards as always

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15. Donquixote-Doflamingo,

@GodSaveTheQueen and this is a forum, so a poster has the right to comment his opinion stating that such topics aren't appropriate to be discussed here, so yes, double standards as Vojvoda said.

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16. EmeraldPupMato_lemon,

I agree. There was no hate. I mean for me that was just my opinion. Playroom is made for gaming and making friends. I moved away from RS games for this matter ….. whilst romance on here has happened I believe it generally works if you go about it by being friends and naturally as playroom is just not going to attract that level of attention. After all, you go on here to have fun and the last you want is for someone to not take a relationship seriously.
Again this is just my view and postin on the forum will always have diverse responses. Some are what you are looking for, others no. Such is life.

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17. sound2,

Hi, just to try and clarify some things. I thought I'd post this thread and see if there'd be people who felt as I did or do. so to speak. I'm of the opinion you won't know if you don't try. It's fine if you don't agree with it or find it strange.

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18. Kamal12,

Hello sister,
Happy pride! enjoy your month.

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19. sound2,

Hi, thank you. Enjoy the same.

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