About Nokia and Symbian! What where your experiences? Do you still own a symbian device?

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1. Verchiel,

Hello, this is all about Symbian! You can post here anything related with old Nokia phones, including accessible apps and screen readers!

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2. gemmi,

haven't used nokia /or simbium. but heard it was good with screenreader accessibility.

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3. imprisonedindarkness,

Ah, Nokia and the Symbian os. This is nostalgic. Remembered my first interest to screen reader programs on phone before. Who among you used to use "Talks"? That was the first time I heard of screen readers in phones. However, I didn't have the money to buy one before, never mind the phone itself.

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4. Nikola,

I have very fond memories of this operating system, and actually I still think that if it was developed, it would still be one of the best. Sadly it never had an amazing touch screen experience and the technology was clearly moving in that direction, so it was bound to die.

Anyway, if we forget that for a moment, Simbian introduced me to technology. Reading emails, browsing the Internet, watching Youtube videos, playing games, listening to internet radio, I started it all on Simbian, and actually I am quite disappointed when I hear that some people used it, but never for all those tasks or just some basics.

Regarding screen readers, I always preferred Mobile speak over Talx. I have used both quite extensively though, and Talx is quite decent as well.

I have mostly used a Nokia C5, E5 and E72, and never used a touch screen Simbian.

Code factory made some nice audio games for Simbian, even though quite simplistic, they introduced me to the world of audio games. Tone master and Spider in particular.

I remember that back in the day, we would keep saying how we will never switch to Android or iOS, but of course that was not true. Sadly, services kept dying, and you could do less and less.
In fact you could really see how badly Simbian predicted some of the things. For example, on Simbian, before you would establish a SSL connection to a site, you would get a warning asking you if you are sure you want to connect, as back then they were very uncommon.

I kind of wonder how much you can do on a Simbian today, for nostalgic purposes. I often watch those retro tech videos where people revive old Windows versions or do fun things like that, but I must say I never saw any related to Simbian, but I suppose that not a lot can be done in fact. The browser probably does not support anything anymore, since websites were a lot simpler back then, and even at that time it had issues loading certain complex pages.

Anyway, that's enough from me. As I said, very fond memories, and an introduction to my passion for technology.

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5. Arya_Stark,

I keep very nostalgic when we talk about Simbian devices. My case was quite simmilar to Nikola's one. My first technological device was a movile phone, it was a nokia E5. My bro helped me to install the screen reader, movile speak. I saw talks and it's charasteristics too and alwais liked it more but I never could get it. I explored everything about that device, and that's how I knew it completely, and perfectly. I loved playing tone Master, it was nice haha. And well, at some day... My screen reader stopped working. Although I asked my family to try to enable it, cause I couldn't, they never could neither. And well, that's how I started managing it without screen reader. And I could continue, but I gotta leave haha. Tc!

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6. Verchiel,

I think for bassic web browsing Opera (version 12 which is the latest with Presto engine) should be acceptable. It has bassic html5 support, however I can't test it properly cause it's not working well in Windows with NVDA, and in Android is not working directly (you would require an old device with Dalvik VM/Android 4.x or older). I'm also wondering if it would work with Symbian and Mobile Speak/Nokia Screen Reader/Talks.

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7. sound2,

I quite enjoyed using those phones. I liked the keyboard, and just the whole idea of having speech on a mobile phone, seemed exciteing to me. It took me a while to get used to touch screens. I've never really been that fond of them, touch screens that is.

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8. gemmi,

I haven't used Nokia smartphones equipped with simbian. but I had Nokia keypad phones. Nokia, certainly, had done a great work in its era of smartphones and I still remember some features of those phones. they almost had every basic feature that a smartphone use to have. one of the favorite feature of mine was the talking clock one. haven't seen that feature in any of the keypad phones accept Nokia's. I still use Nokia's ringtones to keep reviving my old memaries with those phones.

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9. Verchiel,

an interesting fact is that some of these Nokia phones had Symbian, and some had S30/S40, a platform which is totally diferent.

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