Please help me do a survey for my planned article for my university's publishing club

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1. supanut2000,

Hi all,
I'm planning to write an article about the accessibility of lecture notes that visually impaired people have received from their friends for a publishing club at my university. If you're currently a college student or a recent college graduate (as defined on the first page of the survey). Please kindly take a few minutes to answer my survey, all of your responses are highly appreciated.
Thank you very much for your kind cooperation.

2. Mmarina,

I have put this in the suggestions question, but I wanted to paste it here for a discussion as well. Note that I have edited it a bit to make it more clear.
This might be a bit out of context, but I would address blind people to rather be less dependent.
Take your notes yourself, talk with the lecturers to spell out loud what they write, if you missed something ask your colleague, sighted people do miss some things as well or even do not see/understand what's written on the board, it's totally fine. Why do you have to wait for other people's notes, you are able to use a laptop and that's fast enough to write after the lecturer. Many times, you could also speak to the lecturer to get the presentations, they might not always accept but it's worth a try.
Missing lectures and thus its notes sometimes happens, but you're not supposed to be absent or miss lectures all the time, so this would be rather the exception and it wouldn't be a big problem to find help from friends or family to turn the inaccessible notes format into something accessible.
Lastly, remember that sighted people do not do it on purpose, it's their own notes and many people still prefer to take hand-written notes. It is always easier to study from your own notes and remember what you have taken in the lecture from your own notes.

3. YNWA,

When I used to take minutes for meetings I used to record it so why can't that be done? Providing everybody is aware you are recording and you will only use the recording to make notes then I see no problem you doing it that way. I used to use a cassette but things are much better now.

4. Mmarina,

This option is there too, although personally I do not prefer it, since this means you will have to listen just to write and then study, and attend the lectures themselves, pretty inconvenient and time-consuming, although it was probably the only way back then. But you have many options to take notes on the spot now a days.

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