Warning! Chaos in e-mails has started

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1. Emrah20,

If It doesn't belong here, just delete It. I would like to share one bad storry and I don't want to be in My situation and situation of some of My friends. Maybe You have encountered something, like this.
Please, share It with friends, It is not monetize and I don't want to happened to You. Ofcourse, I have prevented from this and I don't know, what is It.
If You would like to know more, here is the link:
Thank You.

2. MuhammadHajjar,

Oops! That page can’t be found.

3. Emrah20,

I have tried to send It one more time. Maybe wordpress.com is blocked in some countries.

4. StormProductions,


Can you copy that into a post? For some people the link seems not to work.

5. Emrah20,

It is strange, but It is maybe of permission of Wordpress.com in some countries. But, I'll send It one more time.

6. yoko_ono,

Well, here is the text, if you can't access the link:
Chaos in e-mail
I have thought, what I’ll be write about. Now I know, what to write, but I would like to write something positive. Ofcourse, It can be sometimes to My personal diary, but I think, that actually no. Many of My friends have some problems too.
Many fake subscriptions and confirmations of subscriptions
I was very surprised, when I have found many e-mails in My inbox about subscriptions and subscription confirmations. It was around unread 30 mails. Those e-mails were mostly from various news websites of United states and Canada. I have started to filter some messages. Maybe I don’t know about every messages, so I’ll have very great messages. But, what is the problem?
I can’t unsubscribe
Now, very bad surprise is coming. I can’t ubsubscribe from some mailing lists, because some of sites can be accessed only from some countries, for example like from United states, or Canada. I can unsubscribe from some sites, but from some, It is impossible. Also You notice, that I am not from United states, due to My English.
Who is responsible?
Many of My friends has started to have same problems, because they has a lot of e-mail. We have checked with My friend, if He hasn’t been Pwned. Ofcourse, he hasn’t been pwned anywhere.
We have also various news websites, so why I want to subscribe to many websites? I think, that It is maybe new strategy of Russian hackers to start war against western media, or maybe It is strategy of chinese hackers, or hackers from North Korea. It is not for going to various non-secure websites, because I am not only one. There are many people, like me, who were hacked by this way. Ofcourse, websites are true of various news medias, for example Foxnews, CBS, NBC, ETC. I have most of important messages on inbox and special messages in special subfolders created by me.
Message to various western medias
Be careful to those things. I have not subscribed on You. If You are from those medias, I don’t want to say, that You are rude. Rude are those people, who try to destroy Your lives and lives of normal people. I think, that everything will be good.
Updated 10th April, 2021.

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