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what was the most stupid, hilarious or nonsensical question you received as a blind or visually impaired person?

lucy_light 89 Pablo,

how to take off in Eurofly3

davidhs1200 20 hoanganh2013,

streaming google drive links in playroom (accepté)

sky360 1 abhishek,

How to translate the game "surviving the wild"?

davidhs1200 15 Oleg_the_snowman,

Share your youtube channels

Caoimhe 11 StormProductions,

Reason of nickname

SheWolf 61 MuhammadHajjar,

Question for Muslim

Quintin-Dziadkiewicz 8 wolfi,

Eurofly 3 youtube tutorial from starting

girmit 0 girmit,

problem or probably the bug with instagram web

gemmi 6 gemmi,

looking for new books to read or lisin

Evertoneon 30 abhishek,

Please, help me find a new host

Hollow 28 abhishek,

New year resolutions? (annulé)

Quintin-Dziadkiewicz 12 Hollow,

Unknown Albanian traditional song

Emrah20 6 Emrah20,

99 with bots. Some fun I tell you.

Mohammedradwan2003 2 Mohammedradwan2003,

Audio/video tutorials

Maya 5 AlirezaDarkk,

Happy new year

AlirezaDarkk 0 AlirezaDarkk,

Happy Yalda night for those who celebrate!

metal_phoenyx 2 sound2,

Unknown French song

Emrah20 1 Emrah20,

My new song 'Krila leptira'

Emrah20 10 Vojvoda,

Talkback braille tables issue

HeadphoneJack 0 HeadphoneJack,

your favorite games on qc

Aayushi_the_explorer 43 Aayushi_the_explorer,

SAP program and screen readers (résolu)

Vojvoda 7 Vojvoda,

Accessible date & time converter (résolu)

Emrah20 6 Emrah20,

I want to learn the game of poker. I am waiting for your comments from those who know this game (poubelle)

kaiba 1 Nikola,

What do you think of the new games?

HeadphoneJack 13 Emrah20,

A common issue: (terminé)

SavitSodani 1 Emrah20,

Gameroom will be presented on My podcast, but in Slovak language

Emrah20 0 Emrah20,


Geralt 20 Mohammedradwan2003,

problems with stw (en cours)

SheWolf 13 Aayushi_the_explorer,

problem with reading history with jaws 24 (terminé)

sky360 4 sky360,

cant perform all duck racing chalanges on web client.

Aayushi_the_explorer 4 Aayushi_the_explorer,

About Fives and threes

Cumle-Muhendisi 2 Mohammedradwan2003,

Looking for a chill exploration game

Anya_Kristen 13 Aayushi_the_explorer,

Any new news for crazy party?

GeorgeWu 0 GeorgeWu,

Laurel or Yanny?

Quintin-Dziadkiewicz 13 Naday,

IBM TTS (poubelle)

gemmi 16 gemmi,

Audio Drama Group Revival, anyone interested?

metal_phoenyx 20 metal_phoenyx,

disability test

sailormoondiamond 1 Marina,

braille Rubics cube is avalable?

Aayushi_the_explorer 17 gatia ,

New feature: topic labels

Aminiel 0 Aminiel,

Garagebend on iphone

Anya_Kristen 0 Anya_Kristen,

orca speech queue issue in ubuntu 23.04 nautilus application

girmit 8 Verchiel,

installing ubuntu on virtual machine

sky360 12 girmit,

Question for Users of Golden Cursor NVDA Addon

imprisonedindarkness 2 imprisonedindarkness,

The Renaissance wrist watch

lucy_light 5 lucy_light,

is chatgpt better or google bard according to you.

Aayushi_the_explorer 10 supanut2000,


Emerald 5 YNWA,

should playroom have games like psudocu?

Aayushi_the_explorer 3 Aayushi_the_explorer,

I need help with my guess the code chalange in c sharp

Aayushi_the_explorer 0 Aayushi_the_explorer,

Bridge online game

OrsoNero 7 triggered,

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