New Playroom windows client available: 2.2.8 RC

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1. Aminiel,

Hello all,

You can now download a new version of the playroom client for windows, version 2.2.8 RC.

Warning ! It's a beta version, meaning that bugs can still be present. Except to submit bugs, we won't give you any support for this version. Otherwise said, in case something goes wrong, you are alone to fix your problem. If you aren't comfortable with computers enough, especially to reinstall a previous working version, you are advised to not try to update for the moment, and wait for the final 2.2.8 version to do so, which be released in a few days or weeks. At that time you will receive an update notification when you start the playroom client 2.2.0, 2.2.1 or 2.2.5.

New in this version:

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is used to secure data transmission on the Internet: data are encrypted, protecting the communication from being intercepted by unwanted parties. Banks are using SSL since years to secure transactions. Since 2013 when Edward Snowdown revealed mass surveillance, SSL is becoming more and more popular. Nowadays, every website at least a little serious should use SSL.

Download Playroom client 2.2.8 here

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2. Nikola,

Is anything ever going to be done with arcade mode? Was hoping for that and not just an update containing SSL. Security is important but to be honest i didn't expect an update containing just that.

3. YNWA,

When Aminiel has made changes in the past you find out new features sometimes months later so who can say. Security these days is vital. You ownly have to listen to the UK news over the past two days to see that.

4. Nikola,

Well security might be wital but accept that or no that's a thing noone will ever notice. If Aminiel released this update without any info on what he did would you notice it's using SSL to encript your data? Unless you're very tech savvy, then not. Anyways at least one minor bug is fixed, when you clear the history navigation with page up and down works which is cool. I still wish sounds would get redesigned but well, might happen someday. BTW while you're updating the client, you can fix the small typo in the options menu since it's a local menu, in the audio and vocal synthesis options, correct spelling is inflection and not inflexion as it's spelled there.

5. Amine,

the arcade mode was used in a selebration 2 years ago of the 5th playroom birthday. Though the games there are almost similar to some of crazy party's, but it doesn't mean they're not fun or not needed to be on pr. Though that's up to aminiel.

6. Nikola,

Yep, i know where that was used, i was just asking will it come or no as it was mentioned a while ago it will.

7. Michael_James04,

Hello, in my opinion arcade mode isn't going to be used because for that you already have CP and the game mechanics (I say that 'cause I was in there too) are quite similar. Everyone start playing a game and when they finish, the results are sent and the one who the highest score wins. I don't want to especulate but maybe Pragma has to do with that dynamic; I don't know anything so please sorry if I'm talking nonsense.
However and from my side, thanks a lot for the new SSL implementation! It looked very difficult to do but keeping a more secure comunication is as important as adding new features; don't ya think? At least This is one of the few games which use SSL to secure data.

Kind regards!

8. Nikola,

Hello, regarding the new client, why can you still connect without SSL? I'm guessing that's for backwards compatibility but this update should probably just be mandatory and the option to connect without SSL has no reason to be there. Also, why is the client still coded to download albanian.lng even though Albanian is removed? Makes no sense.
Regarding the arcade, yes it's a CP ripoff and it might never be added, but Aminiel should have thought about that before making all of us happy and saying they will be available. Plus for nice coding, press ctrl shift delete for a nice surprise left in there which suggest to me either they still might be added, or Aminiel totally forgot about that part and to remove it.

9. Aminiel,

I left the option to connect without SSL because of certain firewalls, not especially for backward compatibilitiy.
It may look strange, but there exist firewalls that lets data go through port 80, but not 443.
I think that option will eventually be removed though.

For arcade mode, I have been asked many times since the 5th anniversary event.
At present I haven't made any progress in that area, but I haven't totally abandoned either.

They won't keep me at my job and it ends on 31st of August. So, maybe, why not, if I'm motivated and if I have ideas to seriously bring that back...
Perhaps arcade will reappear in another form, maybe still this year, maybe not. At the moment, i'm currently experimenting new possibilities.
This is too early to tell you either or not you should expect something.

10. Nikola,

Ok, thanks for giving us an update regarding that. And yes it seems very strange for such firewalls to exist, i didn't know about that. Edit: Also Aminiel, you should update the copiright year. In the about dialog it still says 2014.

Ultima edizione da Nikola, 03.07.2017 00:26:50

11. Sylphrena,

Thanks for keeping firewalls in mind. I was actually going to mention that when you brought up SSL first, but wasn't sure when this would be implemented so did not.
Making it a must is going to cause a bunch of potential issues, so I believe it's better if it were to stay as an option.

12. Nikola,

By the way while you are updating the client, i thought i'd ask about this. Why does ctrl plus a in edit boxes not work to select everything? I didn't see that shortcut being used anywhere, and it makes the error sound when you use it and nothing is selected. Of course you can still manually select word by word, but that can take some time.

13. Soundarya,

Sorry I might be wrong but from my personal experience ctrl + a does not work in edit fields where only one line is allowed.
I have checked it with some other softwares as well.

14. Amine,

not really, it doesn't work in the inbox as well. Either way if you tab and then tab back to the edit field everything will be selected.

15. Nikola,

Wow thanks for that tip it indeed works.

16. Dayan ,

I use alt c in those edit fields. At least here it worked.

17. Vojvoda ,

Why can't we have multilines in the chat? I soo would love to have it.

18. Amine,

Yes it works but only because you pressed the shortcut that jumps to the chat edit field. alt C for the chat edit field, alt H for the history read only and inbox doesn't have a shortcut, neither does status message edit field.

Ultima edizione da Amine, 13.07.2017 13:32:48

19. Nikola,

That does not matter, you can always tab and shift+tab back to it so it's all ok now that I know it's possible.

20. Mazdak ,

When will the stable version come?

21. bloodsharp ,


22. Minionslayer,

wow, how specific!

23. Nikola,

I'll give an even more specific answer, when it's ready

24. Minionslayer,

nice, can't wait

25. Amine,

I mean security updates are always good, but I'm not excited.

26. Minionslayer,

that's all?

27. Amine,

Unless aminiel adds something else, pretty much yes.

28. YNWA,

He did add other things but you may not be aware of them!

29. Minionslayer,

i mean, sucurity is good, but i would like to see minigames and turnoments back

30. Nikola,

There are some bugfixes, however they were in 2.2.5 as well, it's just that 2.2.5 was not posted officially. So bugs fixed include: Pressing home and end with no items no longer crashes the client. You can no longer open 2 clients at the same time. Clearing history doesn't make page up and down keys say blank, and some others i've forgot.

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