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Translation errors and typos

Nikola 134 ibraheemmohsen,

New Monopoly boards submission (in corso)

Emrah20 7 ubuntu,

Adding ranks and levels.

Octoross 1 Naday,

Jaws 2024 reading in french when in english for QP validator (risolto)


game modes in quiz party

Creo-que-tu-sabes-quien 10 El_escudero_del_rey,

Automatically play audio streams

Nikola 6 GeorgeWu,

Finally, My new Slovak Monopoly board idea

Emrah20 0 Emrah20,

Improve card sorting in games like belote and tysiacha

HeadphoneJack 0 HeadphoneJack,

new games to add

Peggy_Bella420 15 aayushi,

some game suggestions

Ornella13 2 Emrah20,

suggestion to allow bots in quiz party, the little exam, and scrabble, along with allowing bots in connect four, reverse, chess, and go beta on the web client. (in corso)

Elevatorguy 6 Emrah20,

Golf suggestion: continuing the game after someone hits 100 points (terminato)

Adventure-Time 5 Nikola,

Fixing bot replacements

Nikola 4 sky360,

Suggestion to Add new Options In cribbage for More Fun

supertrend 1 Mohammedradwan2003,

who is that again?

Radiant 66 supertrend ,

suggestion to add new games

Elevatorguy 1 blaise,

Sound for playable cards in Uno

slannon 6 supertrend ,

why are some of the new games not showing? (risolto)

Elevatorguy 1 Nikola,

How to play The eternal second? (in corso)

Emrah20 2 Emrah20,

Ask for a confirmation before blocking somebody

Nikola 1 Ryo-Bee,

Missing rules message

Vojvoda 0 Vojvoda,

Reason why the number of tables... does not reflect the number of tables?

helleon 6 gfriha,

Samoan Game: Suipi?

SomeoneLoveable 0 SomeoneLoveable,

game suggestion: casino

Dissonance531 1 Aminiel,

Mac Client?

Nice-2-meet-u 3 Wittiepenguin,

Forum RSS feeds

Nikola 5 blaise,

Suggestion, add "Truco" game. (rifiutato)

David_Trezeguet 1 cyber_wizard,

Suggestion for private messages/ invite sounds

aims 8 choco,

Game suggestion: 1000

Nikola 5 Adventure-Time,

Who can join this table option for public tables

Mortem 0 Mortem,

Small suggestion for duck racing, cosino board

Negaar 0 Negaar,

Duck Racing Number of Laps

jage 7 Aminiel,

adding Cards against Humanity for a new game

MaverickWilde 21 aayushi,

Why don't bots take place of leaving players?

kumandan 6 blaise,

Duck racing: Checking which duels are enabled

Nikola 2 Emerald,

Translating playroom

Burak 38 emre,

Help me process faster.

Radiant 3 blaise,

sound skins for playroom?

Radiant 7 lucy_light,

Suggestion regarding free tables.

Naday 22 Mohammedradwan2003,


Khal 2 Khal,

Playroom V3 number inputting suggestions

Nikola 0 Nikola,

can we get the reply lock? (risolto)

Radiant 17 Radiant,

Add a rule in Farkle

David_Trezeguet 4 YNWA,

Tyny suggestion for the web

void-emperer 1 Nikola,

add sum new games

mk810 9 aayushi,

add voice chats to the playroom

amirmahdifard 26 GeorgeWu,

Don't delete the message when pressing control m on a player

phixploder 0 phixploder,

Purpose of always use secure connections setting

slannon 2 slannon,

Suggestion: Refuse an invitation

Nikola 15 ibraheemmohsen,

Suggestion: add disenfranchisement notice for web client users who play duck racing

Isaac5457 4 Nikola,

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