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1. Isaac5457,

Hello, I have a suggestion for the playroom, which can assist players in hosting and managing tournaments, as well as sharing game highlights on other social networks: the activity feed. With this feature, transcripts of each completed game will be saved to a user's account and retained for a period of time (3 days recommended). The following behaviors are proposed for the activity feed:

  1. the activity feed should be located in a player's statistics page. Similar to the forums, feed entries should be organized by category, according to game.
  2. Only game related messages will be included in each entry. Any other message type, such as global messages should not be included.
  3. To protect the privacy of players, in game chats should be excluded from each entry.
  4. Each entry shall be viewable as a text file, similar to other export behaviors.
  5. Players who join as spectators will not have that game appear in their activity feed. That entry shall only remain with active players.
  6. To protect the privacy of players, the following options are proposed to limit the visibility of the activity feed: private, friends only and public. Friends shall be set as the default option.
  7. Only completed games shall be visible in the activity feed. Games that are currently being played, as well as saved games shall not be included until they are completed.
  8. Any additional amendments are welcomed, as deemed appropriate.
  9. Thank you for your consideration.

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2. ibraheemmohsen,

I agree

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3. ableman477,

Hello, I can definitely see a usage for such a feature for tournament organizers, especially if there are a lot of players. Thank you for suggesting it.

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4. Aminiel,


What you suggest isn't feasible currently and the system hasn't been made for it at all. Nothing is saved on the server during a game and once a game is finished and none of the messages are stored anywhere. It's up to you to save your history if you wish.

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