Translation errors and typos

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121. Mighty_Ravendark,

Greetings. I've recently come across such easily correctable mistakes. It's obviously from Quiz Party. When two or more people happen to have answered correctly, there pops up such a message: Everybody have found the right answer to this question and get 1 points.
First of all, it is to be everybody has, for everybody is always followed by is, has and so on with no exceptions. And respectively there should be s at the end of the verb get according to the reason described above. Thank you for your attention.

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122. YNWA,

Personally I would say everybody has chosen the correct answer and receive 1 point.

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123. glad,

there is an error in the game some game assume male players by defolt. It is yet not solved. I think the best way to solve it is to replace all "He" with "They".

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124. bon-kinus,

That's it, you generally use they when you don't specify if the subject is male or female.

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125. glad,

I have found another error. In 1000 miles it says you draw a axident card instead of an axident card.

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126. bon-kinus,

True, but more than a translation error, this seems to be a code error which is not allowing the program to differentiate this article thing. According to a post by aminiel in that sense, he said that for some reason he would have to rewrite some of the code for this to be fixed.

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127. Nikola,

Yes, this is a coding problem and cannot be changed on the translations side.

Perhaps I should add that to the first post since it seems to often be reported, and there are probably a few more examples of this...
I guess I just do not really know of a good way to explain this to someone who does not understand anything about programming.

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128. facelessghost,

Hi all!
I just want to bring this to your attention!
When subscribing to a topic, the information that I am subscribed to the topic is displayed, which means that I will receive an email.
such text is in any version of the room.
I believe that this text should be changed, since the game room has not sent emails from the forum for a very long time, and clarification in the topic will only confuse new members of the community!
The error is not related to the translation, it is a mistake on the site.
This affects all channels of the game room where there is a forum and you are subscribed to topics on the site.

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129. Quintin-Dziadkiewicz,

Lisbonna (purple) and Bragga (purple) are written incorrectly

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130. Negar,

The server is going to reboot in less than 1 minutes should be (1 Minute)

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131. Naday,

More than a translation, probably an update. You could include Windows 11:
Download playroom client for windows 7, 8 and 10 (version 3.0.0, standalone installer, 14 MB)

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132. ibraheemmohsen,

Bbonus of 300 points obtained for playing all 4 immunities. should be: Bonus, not Bbonus.

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133. ALI.alsaqer,

hello guys, yeah I use the translator on the web but on the app I can’t because they don’t add the Arabic language here

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134. Emrah20,

I've found one bug in duck racing. There is typo throw the die, instead of roll a die. Please, could You fix It?
Thank You.

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135. Quintin-Dziadkiewicz,

When a die is rolled, it is usually thrown, so I do not think it is not really an error. Thanks, Quintin

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136. YNWA,

It would be roll the die as it would say in many game instructions.

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137. Quintin-Dziadkiewicz,

1 people are sitting at the table:
I think "1 people are" should be "1 person is"

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138. slann-tonic,

yes, you're right, but I think this is a matter of code, just as it happens with "a and "an". These are code errors, and to fix them they would need to rewrite the whole playroom. And I don't think they'll wanna do it, regrettably.

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139. Negar,

Hi, in Cribbage, A pair for 2 is sometimes missed in the description.
Starting card is 5 of clubs.
masood's hand is 5 of hearts, 5 of diamonds, 9 of spades and 9 of clubs.
1 fifteens for 2 and 1 three of a kind for 6 makes 10 points.

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140. glad,

it does not happen with me I can reproduce. Baby player marks 1 points.
1 pairs for 2 makes 2 points
Starting card is ace of spades.
Baby player's hand is jack of spades, 4 of diamonds, ace of hearts and jack of clubs.
Baby player marks 13 points.
4 fifteens for 8, 2 pairs for 4 and the jack makes 13 points
Starting card is ace of spades.
Crib contains 7 of hearts, 2 of diamonds, 2 of clubs and 5 of clubs.
Baby player marks 6 points.

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141. Nikola,

yes, I heard from other players that this sometimes happens, but this is a game bug rather than a translation error, as everything is translated, and it happens equally in all languages.

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142. horse,

I was dumb and posted this as a bug report because didn't know where to put it. Hopefully it can be deleted, so I'm placing this in the right place. New to this forum portion of qc.
Both of these option descriptions spell bone with an extra "n".

Forbid drawing in the boneyard:
With this option, it isn't allowed to draw pieces in the bonneyard. Disabling this option allows drawing in the bonneyard.

Allow drawing even when having a playable piece:
With this option, it is allowed to draw in the bonneyard, even if you have a playable piece in your hand. Without this option, you can only draw if you have no playable piece.

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