adding a feature to trun off reporting who entered and who left the playroom

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1. usmanaga,

In the main room, the client continuously reports who entered, who left, who joined which room etc. but I want this feature to be toggleable so we can avoid being bombarded with spam while hanging out and private messaging someone in the main room.
Thank you

2. Nikola,

there are two possibilities here, so I will list out both, but since you are talking about the main room my assumption is that the first one will mainly interest you.

If you are talking about messages of people creating and leaving tables, which are sent to the main room as well as to an open table, those messages are called global messages. An example of this message type is something like, "Nikola has just created a new table of Connect 4."
It is already possible for you to disable them yourself.
To do so, press f10 to open the options menu. Now, if you are on the Windows client, choose reading and appearance, and then customise global messages. In here, continue pressing enter on the speech reading option until it says never. If you are on the Web client, the instructions still apply, except here instead of reading and appearance, you open channels and views.

My second thought is that you indeed mean messages about your friends leaving and entering the Playroom, in which case that is a different message type called friends. The instructions are the same, except of course instead of global messages, you are customising the friends option.
Here you can configure both speech reading and playing of sounds as you like.

Note that regardless of this, those messages will still appear in the history. There is no way to fix this unless you are on the new 3.0 client which is still in beta, where you have the checkbox to hide them from the history too. However, for history navigation when you are private messaging while in the main room, I suggest pressing alt plus 4. This will switch you to the private messages view. Here, pressing page up and down will move only between private messages. Pressing alt 1 will switch back to the general view displaying all messages as usual.
These views can also be fully customised to your liking, including what kinds of messages they show or deleting the ones you don't need.

Hope that helps.

3. usmanaga,

Hello Nikola,
Thanks for your repoly. It was very detailed and helpful. I'll definitely give this a try.
Thanks again.

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