New iOS game, choose your face... Or your fate!

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1. oriol_gomez92,

Hello everyone!!!
After a few months of hard work, my third iOS game is finally here.
Choose your face, a game where the face you choose, and your faith!!! Is in play. Are you ready to be the star of the moment and get 100,000 gold coins? Choose an emoji... with a hidden amount of coins and get ready to open other face like boxes to see how many coins they have. Will you get 1 coin or 50000? Will you rise to the top and get 100,000? Will you instead take the offer from the bank, which will bug you every once in a while to tempt you with some coins? Or will you continue opening until the end until you discover the coins in your box?

2. StormProductions,

Good concept, is it going to be available for Android as well? I don't have an iOS device and would like to try it out, as well.

3. MagicalKrrish,

i think this is just like deal or no deal!

4. delmar-barry,

Good concept, but are we seriously required to pay for a luck based game which is just like deal or no deal, which, in fact, is available in like 20 kinds of implementation both for computer, iOS and android? This game rather sounds like hey, I'm out of money, I'm giving you some thing to let you not complain but give me money. Your games for PC are much, much better, hell, even Beatstar would worth paying for, with its' new concepts and implementations, but this one, um no.

5. Nikola,

Essentially, iOS development is a lot more expensive than Windows or even Android. You are paying to support better future titles, and if you don't feel like buying this one, he has a Hangman game too as well as an accessible version of 2048.

6. delmar-barry,

A hangman game? How many of that game do we have on windows and iOS either? Can't even count.

7. Nikola,

Actually, we don't, at least not on iOS, unless you count the ones made by blindfold, and if I have to choose between supporting blindfold or Oriol, I know what I am doing.

8. delmar-barry,

That's absolutely true though, I'd also choose Oriol instead, if I had to support either blindfold or him.

9. harsha,

Ya IOS development is so costly.
unable to develop apps without a mac,
unable to publish without 100 dollars per year.

10. phoenix009,

I would agree with the $100, but you can develop without a mac, using expo and react native.

11. Fawaz,

if you developed using react or ionic or whichever, still you can't run on iPhone without a mac, at least until the last time i checked.
now that swift came to windows not sure how is the situation now.

12. Michael_James04,

If I'm not wrong you also can play Hangman using certain platform as well. Another approach would have be made instead of just making Deal or no deal which can be also played in Crazy Party. Interested in the 2048 title, though. More like these are most welcome imo. Thanks for developing new games for iOS, we undoubtedly need more of them.

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13. phoenix009,

Well, you can run react native apps on IOS using Expo, and if you do have an Apple Dev Account, you can make the builds via Expo on Windows.

14. StormProductions,

I'm still wondering, will this thing also be released for Android?
I don't have an iPhone and would really like to play it.

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