I am working in a new project, I need programers

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1. forex,

Hello guys, hope everyone is going wel. Like I said on the title, me and one of my friends are working in a new audiogames. this game would be a simulator, and in order to happen, we need programers. But we know that no one works for free, so we are going to paid you. If you know how to code, please contact me.

2. harsha,

Hello Forex, This is Harsha from India, i'm happy to help your project. Are you doing your projecct in bgt?
I'm presently able to work out in bgt, python, java, c and c++.

3. forex,

Hello thanks for your help! I am doing my project in any language that is comvinient eccept BGT, do to the inestability. I want to do a simulator espesific a trailler simulator, but I really wanted to take a step forward with this game, by making real maps, citys and countrys. If you want to colavorate with this project, please contact me or if you have any question.
thank you

4. jackson95,

I think you should do it in python, it’s very easy, but just as powerful. I’d be glad to help once I finished learning it.

5. harsha,

Hey! i'm ready for this! We can do it python then. designing gui is also accessible and playing audio stuffs and making logical things is also easy in python. So, no problem for me.

6. forex,

well, if you guys are ready, les do it! friend, you work with Python, so we how to see how can we start

7. harsha,

Please give me the instructions to make as well as the story of game. Instructions means, you want real time graphical objects with audio, what are all maps to create, what is the players goal in this game etc. Thanks.

8. forex,

I will

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