Accessible media player for iOS

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1. supanut2000,

Hi all,
Any recommendation for a media player app for iOS that is accessible, and can also play media files like videos?
I tried VLC and its pretty accessible, but I can't seem to adjust the jump duration when the jump forward/backward button is activated.
Many thanks

2. pilot-in.the-air,

Nplayer is da best

3. supanut2000,

Thanks for the suggestion, I actually gave the free version a try first and it's actually quite good so I bought the paid version.
What about Oplayer? Is it accessible? And if so, does it have the ability to change the jump duration when the fast forward/rewine button is activated when playing a video?

4. cornflakes,

n player is really the best. Everyone that has iOS simpley must have it. lol. I know someone already said it, but just making sure everyone knows! :)

5. supanut2000,

Do you know how can I close the opened website in the player's web browser?

6. cornflakes,

just go to google or something. after you clear the text box

7. supanut2000,

I see. So there is no direct way to close the opened browser session...

8. cornflakes,

nope. but the app doesnt save things so all you have to do is start a new page

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