Create custom soundpack for Playroom

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1. supanut2000,

Hi, sorry if this may have been asked before...
So, I would like to create a custom soundpack for the Playroom client. How do I go about doing so? What file format does the sound files I selected have to be in?

2. Nikola,

go to the QCGC folder found in your user folder/app data/roaming.
There, you will find the sounds folder. Inside of that folder are all the original sounds, for reference in .ogg format. Simply replace them with your own, keeping the same file names as original.

3. Dayan,

I would suggest you to make a copy of the original sounds folder, so you don't lose them.
Also, two years ago, me and a friend decided to make a really weird soundpack that was meant to be an April 1st joke haha. If you want to try it out, you can download from the link below. Just make sure to extract the files and replace the original folder (at the address mentioned in the previous post) by the one you extracted.
Note: I remind you to make a copy of the original first!
Note2. I remind you it was meant to be an April joke, so don't expect anything serious from it! LOL.
Here goes the link:

4. supanut2000,

Thanks so much for the tips!

5. ksbalakrishnan ,

the sound is in ogg format

6. supanut2000,

Ok so I managed to create some custom sounds for Playroom. But I found out that some of the sounds were very quiet such as the welcome sound and the jackpot sound for the monopoly game. Any idea why this is so? In the case of my custom jackpot sound, I did decreased the volume of the original soundtrack using Audacity and when I previewed the result in Audacity, the sound volume was fine but when I got down to play monopoly itself, the jackpot sound was very quiet for some reason.

7. Nikola,

You did not decrease your sound volume in the Playroom client itself? You can press F8 to increase, and F7 to decrease the sound volume. Additionally, best to preview with a media player and see if it has the volume you want. Other than that, I don't have any other suggestions on why it could be quiet in the client itself.

8. supanut2000,

I just tried your suggestion, using the welcome sound as a test, and it still sounded very quiet when I actually applied the new sound. I previewed the sound in my media player and it sounded just fine.

9. majoz,

I think some sounds are quietened by the playroom itself, don't ask me why. But the welcome sound is a lot loud in the original, whereas when you're logging in, you hear it just quietly. It might apply for some other sounds, you need to experiment.

10. cornflakes,

Yeah. some sounds are just quiet. Like my theme i made. If anyone wants it, i can post but i am not sure if links can be posted or something.

11. Parikshit,

I think there should be no problem in these links, people have posted sound packs in the past and it has not been discouraged at least in my observation.

12. cornflakes,

its based on the song green by cavetown.

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