Accessible online radio programs

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1. FromUnknownReality ,

I was wondering if their are accessible programs that can stream online radio. I am not technically familiar with dropbox but still want to listen to background music on the playroom. So, are there any recomendations for accessible online radio apps or websites? Thanks.

2. Nikola,

For programs, it isn't that hard, both Radio boss and station playlist studio are quite accessible. You will however need to pay for a shoutcast server, as all free options I'm aware of typically give many limitations, one of which is impossible to deal with if you want to stream on PR, that is, they allow you to have listeners listening to your station only through their website and their player.
There is an alternative people use if you don't want to use Dropbox, though this one I find quite annoying. You can go to any website which converts Youtube videos to MP3, then enter a URL and receive a download link. This download link is the one you stream on PR, however typically to avoid large bandwitth usage, these links expire after a short period, usually not more than 15 minutes, so it's really mostly for listening to music with people when you know they'll be listening at the same time as you. This of course assumes the content you want to stream is on Youtube to begin with.

3. StormProductions,

Hi, there is a free provider that gives you free shout cast stream with autoDJ that allows unlimited listeners and unlimited uploading storage. Check out for more info.

4. delmar-barry,

I think he didn't mean to create his own radio but listen to already existing ones. For that purpose, I'd recommend Tapin radio for windows, and for iOS.

5. Nikola,

The reason I thought he wants to create a radio is because he said he wants to listen to streams on the Playroom without using Dropbox, thus I assumed he'd like to propose his own music.
If you however want to listen to stations, that's considerably easier and indeed can be achieved for free. Tapin radio is great, there's also Radio sure.
Thanks also for the iOS app recommendation, I will probably check it out.

6. delmar-barry,

The iOS app has a free and a paid version as well, the disadvantage of the free one is that it contains some advertisements, but it's possible to deal with them. I haven't considered to pay for the ad free version though because even if it's just a one-time payment, it seems to be pretty expensive.

7. Djshawnsmix,

one would be get me radio

8. FromUnknownReality ,

Hey thanks for the suggestions. I am currently trying out Radio Sure. On the website it says that I can try for 48 hours before I buy the full version. However, I didn't find any trial info through the program. So I do not know if the program is actually paid. Any thoughts on this?

9. Nikola,

the trial version will allow you to try the pro features for 2 days.
The free version can also be used with some limitations. The most important ones probably being the ability to have only up to 30 favorites and the inability to customise hotkeys.
A few others include inability to record multiple stations at the same time or configure the program to record separate songs. There's a table at the website listing features of both free and pro variant when you visit the download page at
If you were wondering how to activate the trial version, there's a registration code on that same page which you enter into the program.

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10. FromUnknownReality ,

OK thanks. I downloaded the version that was linked to cnet's website, so the pro version won't matter as all I want to do is just listen to the radio. Thanks for your help.

11. Aidan,

I don't want to sound stupid, but how do you stream radio from dropbox on the playroom. Sounds intresting. You can private me if you want.

12. Nikola,

you don't stream radio from Dropbox, but what you can and what most people do is stream audio files. After uploading the file you want to stream, making dropbox direct links is very easy. At the end of the link, there's a part that says dl=0.
Changing the 0 to 1 will make it a direct download link, and thus streamable on the Playroom.

13. Aidan,

Thanks, that seems like something to try. Its nice to learn something new.

14. aki_bg011,

can anyone tell me, how i can find url for radio station which i want to listen on playroom, i want to know, is there any way to convert the URL from the site directly when it's streaming? Do you understand my question?

15. Nikola,

you have to look for the direct streaming link. Typically, radio websites embed a player, and this type of URL can't be streamed. It might be possible to right click or use the applications key inside the player and choose copy URL.
Alternatively, some websites offer M3u or PLS files you can download so that you can listen to the stream in your media player. If this is offered by the particular radio, download the file and then open it with a text editor like notepad, you will see the stream URL which can be proposed on the Playroom.
Also, radio listening applications such as Radio sure offered above allow you to copy the stream URL to your clipboard, provided the station is in their database.

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16. aki_bg011,

Yes, everything would be nice that every site for listening to internet radio has the option to download .m3u and .pls files, but as you said only some sites have that possibility. I wonder if I can in Playroom strim every radio station I want? Because it's very hard to find .m3u and .pls files for stations which i want to propose

17. delmar-barry,

You can stream only those stations which allow you to copy the direct stream link. Download the programme called Radio sure, and you are going to have more possibilities.

18. aki_bg011,

I tried that app yesterday, but I didn't see if there was an option to search stations by country, is it possible in that program?

19. Adventure-Time,

It is, you just use the search field for that purpose. Rather than writing the name of a specific radio station, you can write the name of a country instead and you'll get a list of stations that have something to do with it.

20. aki_bg011,

Yes, but I have one problem with that app, once I enter and exit the program, after I can not enter again, until I restart the computer. Do you have the same problem too?

21. breaker,

Hi guys. I want to learn how to create a radio with auto DJ for free. I tryed listen2 my radio, but that site's auto DJ is much broken. Zeno FM seems confusing. Please help.

22. augma,

is tapping radio free?
if not
so can i use it after the trial period

23. breaker,

I think it's paid

24. delmar-barry,

Yes, tapin radio is paid. Its' price is pretty fair though. However, I'm someone who was lucky enough that I used it still when it was free, so from that side it's not fair at all.

25. augma,

what app can i use for free?

26. delmar-barry,

Try Radio sure. That's free, if I'm not mistaken, or at least the last information I have about that app is that it's free.

27. pikawax,

Hello, i suggest you go for the portable version if you're on windows 10

28. augma,

what portable version?

29. Djshawnsmix,

has any tried gey me

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