let's talk history

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1. asosyal,

those who are interested in history can talk here.

2. YNWA,

Isn't the idea you comment on a particular subject and everybody else follows by agreeing or disagreeing?

Now you make the comments on history (his tory - his journey apparently) There has always been issues with many of you who send quiz questions to the history category. It appears most of the time if the question has a date in many of you automatically assume it should be a history question even though you would not be taught it at school/college. So the question I propose is what is history to you? The Quiz Party team did have a debate about this quite early on.

3. asosyal,

the main aim of historical science is to convey what happened in the past to the present and to inform society so that people do not repeat the mistakes made, to apply the truth.

4. Vojvoda,

It is very difficult to separate politics from the history thus this isn't the best place to discuss this. I don't think you can make statements which won't offend anyone except maybe if you discuss the ancient Romans and Greeks.

5. YNWA,

I could say I found your last message offensive so would that mean you shouldn't have written it? I don't see any of the previous messages have been offensive with this topic as it discussed what is history and talk history. We know there certain things that people would find offensive and they have not been spoken about here. There are a wide variety of subjects you can talk about such as the history of cats but some may find that to be a paw subject to get your claws into!

I agree with you we should learn from lessons of the past but that is not always the case even in life. Although, in general we learn from past experiences and they can make you better as a person and we hope that with society it happens too.

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6. Vojvoda,

Alright let's see how this topic develops, if it does at all.

7. YNWA,

Every topic, game, chat or even stream can turn sour and at the first stage it is up to the participants to ensure that doesn't happen.

8. asosyal,

it can only be like this.
hitler, you can tell what he did.
but we can't say what he did was right or wrong.

9. sound2,

In my opinion, history has a tendency to repeat itself. Wars are stil fought. This world isn't peaceful. Learning about the past doesn't always helpt to change the future.

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