Today I won a shut the boxes game against the bot!

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1. MuhammadHajjar,

Hi there, today I won a shut the boxes game against the bot, and the score was fixed to 100.
Here are the results:
MuhammadHajjar: 110.
Mickey mouse: 102.
Best regards

2. Fawaz,

congratulations man, celebrate the biggest achievement of your life.

3. Vojvoda,

Dude this nearly brought me to tears, so touching story. Please consider writing a book, world needs to hear about this.

4. Nikola,

Shut the boxes, what a fun game,
after playing, you'll never be the same.
Press enter to roll a die,
but don't press it too hard, or the key will say bye bye.
roll it once, roll it twice,
only winning the game will suffice.
bots are so slow, did you wonder why?
Their strategy must be to make you cry.
But you surprised them, you actually won,
and their AI was completely done.
With all this rambling out of the way,
congratulations man, and with this game,
please don't stay.

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5. YNWA,

As a mark of respect for your achievement perhaps the PR should retire the game Shut the box.

6. MuhammadHajjar,

About such a game, I never wanted to troll,
but for today's morning, where the dice I did roll.
Still celebrating however, even though a lot,
though for the time being, don't tell me to not.
Don't say that I lack, those linguistic skills,
for boredom's unbearable, my time it yet fills.
And I suck at rhyming, no matter I try,
sounds like stupid, so tell ya bye bye.

7. Mrityunjay,

congratulations, let's now make a bot of you. :P

8. augma,

today i won a match against a bot
the score limit is 100 points
and the fynal score is like this
augma: 102.
Mickey mouse: 89.

9. Robert-smith,

wow, this victory should enter to the records book, I cryed a lot when I saw this topic. how amazing...

10. paul_mccartney,

wow! congratulations, that's a great victory. playroom should give you a reward for it! something like... a special user insigne. lol? lol, being serious, why! why this class of posts in the forum sometimes xd?

11. Ephyra,

Maybe we should name a bot after him and allow it to play only shut the boxes haha.

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