maybe false information of fifa 21 accessibility features on their website

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1. aki_bg011,

hi all, i have a very bad experience with fifa 21 accessibility. I bought the game yesterday on steam, for 60 US dollars because i read that in game accessibility settings exists option named narration, and with this feature blind people can navigate in gamemenu and popups etc, unfortunately it was false information maybe, because i can't find that in accessibility tab, what to do now, has anyone any experience with fifa 21 narration option, or it is really false information?

2. Nikola,

you are better off asking this on the forum, as there are more people there who play mainstream games.

From what I have heard, the narration offered in this game is currently very limited, and it's accessibility in general isn't yet there. EA put some more focus into other games, such as Madden or NHL, but even those aren't at an ideal state from what people are saying and haven't delivered accessibility updates this year.

3. aki_bg011,

yes, but there is problem, i can't access forum, when i try, i must write username and email again, and i must enter field named introduction, i don't know what is meant by that?

4. Nikola,

in the introduction, write something about yourself, for example what games do you like.
That is just to show you are not a spam bot.

5. aki_bg011,

thanks bro

6. The_Frisbee_of_Peace,

I don't know if this is still the case, but I used to periodically go on the forum and saw some sort of note pertaining to a spam attack which apparently resulted in an alternate link being created for registrations. Last time I checked it could be found just above the headings for the different rooms. Like I say, that particular measure might have been lifted but I thought I'd post this here anyway as a heads up that the regular log in/sign up stuff might not work. Thanks and good luck.

7. Nikola,

@The_Frisbee_of_Peace you are completely right. When you go to register, you are also told about this, and that's exactly the form asking you for the username, an email and an introduction.
After this, you need to wait a while for your account to be approved, or in this case created, and then you will probably receive an email notifying about this.

8. aki_bg011,

They still didn't let me go to the forum, I tried to open another account and try to access, but the same thing

9. Nikola,

multiple accounts are not allowed, there is no need to try more times.
The process of approval is done by humans, and also volunteers, so it can take a bit.
Just be patient and you will be registered.

10. aki_bg011,

How much patience should I have, I'm waiting for 2 days. I think it's a stupid solution

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