Custom sounds in the new version

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1. supanut2000,

So, ever since I upgraded to the version 3.0 of Playroom, all the custom sounds I've created for the previous version are no longer working. Is there a way to get them working again?
Many thanks

2. cornflakes,

i put the sounds in program files (x86) and the sounds folder. then, i deleted the entire appdata dire qcgc30 and i got my sounds back, but i also ruened the way it reads some things. so instead of deleting the qcgc30 folder in appdata romeing, just go inside the folder, and delete sounds.dat and sounds2.dat and run the client.

3. Nikola,

don't do this.

It works, but this is a very, very unsafe approach.
If there are new sounds, you will be missing them completely and they won't be able to play.
For example, the files arcade-mode-on.ogg and arcade-mode-off.ogg are sounds that play when you enter or exit arcade mode, and those are two of the new sounds.
If you delete the sounds.dat file completely, you will not have them.

There are some other new sounds in the archive too, but I never heard them used and I don't know if they are important for something in the future, those in particular being files table-disconnect2.wav and connecting3.ogg

To clarify, the reason custom sounds are not working is because sounds are now encrypted.
This was probably done to avoid messing with sounds in the new arcade games.

If you must use custom sounds, you can simply modify the sounds.dat file itself.
It's a standard zip archive with a .dat extension, but the original sounds are password protected so you can't view them.
What you can, however do is replace them, and this is a much safer approach as you aren't deleting anything, and you are keeping the new sounds so they can play properly.
Before you do anything however, backup the original file so you can restore it in case you do something wrong and damage the archive.

I mention this method only because it doesn't work at all to modify sounds of Magic Blocks, and probably any other future arcade games, so it's safe in terms of cheating.
You can modify the main client sounds, but not the sounds of arcade games.

4. supanut2000,

Ah, I see. I didn't know that you can open .dat files in a zip archive program. Does 7Zip supports opening of .dat files though?

5. Nikola,

in summary, .dat can be anything, and it very much depends on the program and the context.
It can be a simple text file, an archive, or a completely different format that only a given program can open.
In this case however, sounds.dat is just a zip archive.

7 Z should be able to open, yes, and in the worst case, you can change the extension to .zip, of course restoring it back to .dat once you are done so the client can recognize the file.

As I have said though, make sure you have the original sounds.dat file backed up somewhere so you can restore it if something goes wrong without the need to reinstall the whole client. Also make sure to keep the original structure of the archive, meaning the sounds folder, and then the sound files you want to replace inside that folder.

If this sounds too complicated or if something goes wrong, you can feel free to contact me on the Playroom and I can add the sounds you want for you and send the modified archive.

6. supanut2000,

Thanks for the tip, I actually tried that and it actually worked!
One question though, since the new version now uses the sounds.dat file, is the sounds folder itself still necessary?

7. Nikola,

the sounds folder is used when a new file isn't available in the sounds.dat file, so it's downloaded from the server and stored in this sounds folder.

For example, if you create a table of Uno, by default, the file reverse3.ogg isn't in the data file and will be downloaded to this folder.

8. supanut2000,

Ah, I see. Thanks for the tip.

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