0 by default in cribbage

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1. tiny,

hi, i think we all noticed that when it's time to count, by pressing enter we see a 0 by default. now this can be good and bad. good because we don't need to type 0, and if we type our score that 0 will be deleted.
but when our score is let's say 9, and we type 9 and press enter, sometimes keyboard number doesn't type it and doesn't work.
but we think it worked like always and after pressing enter we will get 0 points. whereas before this option, we didn't get such thing.
overall it's not a big issue, from now on i'll check it properly to avoid that problem. but i wonder what do you think of this.

2. ScottsdaleCrib ,

I was playing cribbage here with a friend who has a visual impairment. He mistyped his score more than once due to the 0 by default.

I agree that this could be improved without the 0 by default.

3. Nikola,

this isn't the case only in Cribbage, apparently in Spades, 3 is also written by default now.
However, all of these text fields have everything selected by default, so just typing a number without moving the cursor will erase the default input and replace it with your own.

4. YNWA,

People in all walks of life sometimes enter in a wrong number by accident but there is no-way of cancelling it even if all players agreed. I remembered someone accidently typed in 98 in cribbage when they should have typed in 8. We can all see it was a clear and obvious error but there was no option to cancel the error, so the game ended.

4 Mensagens, 1 Páginas: 1  ↖ Voltar a lista de tópicos

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