Weird game in the vep version of the game client.

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1. facelessghost,

Hey, everybody!
Spotted a strange game in the vep version of the game client
I still couldn't find the rules for the game on the website, or what it even is.
I sent several reports, as I was getting various errors when trying to play the game.
Can you tell me what this new game is, and then why it doesn't show up in the windows game client?
Thanks in advance for your help and response!

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2. Nikola,

the game is currently in beta. In order to play it from the Windows client, it's necessary to use the new 3.0 beta version of the client.
The appropriate topic for the beta is at

As far as I know, just like Chess or Battleship, the rules for this game won't actually be available on the Playroom as they can easily be found online, but also due to the fact the game is quite complex.

Note: as far as I remember you use the game client in the Russian language, and currently the new options and some of the interface translations are missing for Russian, so I suggest to temporarily use the beta version in English.
Also, pay attention to the topic as the beta is frequently updated and currently doesn't have the ability to update automatically, so from time to time you'll need to download the updated version manually.

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3. Emrah20,

Really, Go rules is missing. I hope, that It'll be very soon, because this game is not very known, as for example Chess, or Monopoly.

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4. Nikola,

I wouldn't agree. A simple Google search gives

There are probably many other pages and resources too. It's only important to note that as far as I know, the Playroom doesn't currently support handycap and plays according to the international rules.

Of course, it's nice to have the rules available right on the Playroom, but I believe the reasoning here is simply that games such as this one or Chess can't really be easily learned online by most people and actually require some knowledge of how the board physically looks like. Even though I can understand how Chess works, I haven't ever played Go in real and despite theoretically knowing how the game works, it's hard for me to understand it.

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5. Emrah20,

I have tried It here, because currently, in Slovakia, We haven't go for the blind people, which is a pity.
Due to My trying of Go I must say, that It is interesting game and I love It.

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6. YNWA,

We had Reversi so adding GO is a natural step. Ophello is similar to Reversi so who knows if that will be added. We have a lot of different games in the PR now so don't expect them all to be poplar as you can only play one game at a time.

One of the advantages of working on Quiz Party is you learn about new things and that is where I first learnt about GO or at least of what it was. The board is bigger in go, although, you can select smaller boards. You can choose where you want to play instead of starting off from the centre and working from there. You have to completely surround your opponents tokens in order to take them and that is what I learnt so far.

I can understand Nikola's point about wanting to know the lay-out of the board first and that could put some people off learning the game.

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