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1. Arthas ,

There could be an option in the settings (alt+o), so that if you have the 15 seconds of pause, the seconds are ignored and the next round starts immediately after the previous one. @aminiel as the topic about the Poker bug has not yet been answered, I ask again here.

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2. Adventure-Time,

regarding your first suggestion, in case you haven't figured out yet, you can press shift+P to both pause and resume the game between rounds, which allows you to either extend the 15 seconds break or completely skip it. Unfortunately you can do this only with a keyboard shortcut, so there's no way to pause the game if you play on a phone without any external keyboard. If I can add to your suggestion, I think it would be useful if there was an item in the context menu corresponding to the shift+P shortcut.

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3. Arthas ,

I know these options, so I suggested them as an option. It's not nice to keep pressing shift+p all the time, like in poker.

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4. pabolo ,

Thumbs up

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5. Arthas ,

Why developers dont reply.

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6. Nikola,

probably because there are no developers, there is only one developer working on the Playroom in his free time, so some patience when making a suggestion / reporting a bug is always required.

Anyway as AdventureTime explained above, as a master you can already just press shift plus P twice to start the next round immediately.
I understand that you want an option that makes this automatic so that there is no pause at all, but in certain games this pause is very useful, primary example being Connect 4 where I usually like to go over the board after a round is over to see what happened.

As an optional feature, it's perhaps not a bad suggestion.

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7. Arthas ,

yes, because is so complicated press shift+p for all time like poker.

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